Session Reports

Creativity symposium

Submitted by Vicky Saumell on Sun 6 Apr, 09:01

One of the best sessions I attended  was the Creativity Symposium on Friday. It featured short talks by Alan Maley, Chaz Pugliese, Hanna Kryszewska, Marl Almond, Chris Lima and Brian Tomlinson. Each speaker addressed creativity from a diffente angle, thus showing the wide variety of interpretations and applications that it can have.
Alan Maley set the tone with an introductory talk on the what, why and how of creativity.  He finished by stating factors that facilitate creativity:
    •    Playing around, experimenting
    •    Leaving space for chaos and randomness

A most wonderful way to start the conference

Submitted by Vicky Saumell on Tue 1 Apr, 08:41

My first session after the opening plenary and I'm already nergised to go through the sea of talks in these next days. I have just seen and heard Adrian Underhill doing Demand High and Lost Learning. It was a fantastic reminder of how we often stay at the surface of  tasks and lose opportunities for teaching and learning.