My name is Sanja and I am an EFL teacher in Croatia. I teach at Nikola Hribar Primary School in Velika Gorica, a small town in the greater area of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. After getting my university degree in English and Italian languages and literature, I started working as a teacher and have taught EFL and Italian FL for almost 22 years, teaching different language and age levels of students.

I strongly believe that educational technologies enhance language lessons and help students in all age and language level groups.
I also believe in the use of technology for professional development of teachers and I often participate in webinars, online courses and various events created for teachers.

This year I participated for the second time in British Council Teaching English Blogathon 2013. I won the prize – a trip to the IATEFL conference in Liverpool and I will be blogging from the conference.

I am looking forward to the conference and reporting from Liverpool.

Session Reports

Magical Mystery Tour for Teachers who'll never walk alone

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 1 May, 00:09

I am back home and going through the programme of the conference, reading the notes, thinking about the most interesting bits of the talks and workshops I attended and feeling sad about all the great ones I had to miss because I am a total failure at cloning myself.

Google +Hangout at IATEFL2013

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Fri 12 Apr, 06:26

Ann Foreman had a very interesting idea to organize an online hangout with participants originally from different parts of the world who are now all in Liverpool for the IATEFL conference. At 19.00 GMT on Thursday a group of enthusiastic teachers met in Google+ Hangout:

P.S. I love you (On the last day of the conference)

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Fri 12 Apr, 05:37

It's the last day of the conference. Everybody is a little tired, your roving reporter included, but we are looking forward to a new day at the conference:

More about British Council Signature Event at IATEFL 2013

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Thu 11 Apr, 21:53

The spread of English around the world has a great impact on the changes in education for many countries. English becomes the language of education, even from the first year of school. Some think it is a threat to local languages; some that English is a tool that helps individuals and economies to develop. Is the promotion of English harmful for them, their mother tongues and countries?  Our four panelists and the room full of teachers were the guarantee of the success and the debate met the expectations. 

ELT tomorrow: IATEFL or IATEEL

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Thu 11 Apr, 12:33

Future is here! Jun Liu, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and Senior International Officer at Geogia State University, USA, gave a brilliant plenary session, which included the most recent data from his research into the themes and patterns that have evolved over the past few decades in the ELT world, and the trends that will shape the world through 2030.

Evelina Miscin's Cell Phone Scavanger Hunt

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Thu 11 Apr, 11:37

Evelina teaches at the College of Business and Management in Zapresic, Croatia, and she uses mobile phones in her English language lessons. Teachers usually don't like when students use mobile phones in class because they distract, they are used for cheating or even taking photos of the teacher that end of on YouTube or some other Internet service. However, there are a lot of advantages and Evelina's workshop was to show other teachers some tasks that prove it. After a warm up activity, the delegates worked in groups. We did:

Bridging the gap between the classroom and the autonomous learner

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 10 Apr, 14:32

Sandy Millin works at International House Newcastle where they have implemented Personal Study Programme (PSP) as an alternative to more traditional Self Access Centre and she gave a talk about what their students get out of it.

The Weather in Liverpool: The ELT Weather Forecast Perceptions on Effectiveness and Teacher Motivation

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 10 Apr, 14:16

In an original, surprising and entertaining second pleanary session of this conference, prof. Deniz Kurtoglu Eken from Sabanci University, Turkey, shared the results of the research she conducted online and included teachers from all over the world who work in different contexts. She presented the results using the vocabulary and images of the weather forecast programmes, which not only entertained the audience but served to underline the most important points of the speech.

The mouse and the lion have come to IATEFL

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 10 Apr, 03:01

M. Nazli Demirbas and M. Akin Gungor had a workshop for a small audience of teachers teaching very young and young learners. They talked about the story selection and dramatization for very young learners.
First, the teachers had to choose an animal to identify with: a lion, a stork, a mouse, an elephant and a hippo, according to some characteristics they recognize in themselves as teachers. Most present teachers were mice: jolly, collaborators and facilitators, but there were a few of all other kinds.

David Crystal's Question and Answer Session

Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 10 Apr, 02:25

A few hours after the plenary session a group of teacher met for the follow-up session with David Crystal.