I was born in Eastern Nepal. I’m a Hornby Scholar currently studying for the postgraduate course in ELT (MA in ELT) at the University of Warwick, UK. 

I have worked as the coordinator for the English Access Microscholarship Program in Nepal and teacher trainer for the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). 

I have also worked as an English teacher for more than seven years from primary to undergraduate levels in Nepal. I am also an editor-in-chief of 'The GEM 2012'. I have recently been working as one of the co-editors of the e-zines: NELTA ELT Forum, the official e-zine of NELTA and The Warwick ELT, the e-zine published by MA in ELT students at Warwick. 

I was a Regent Scholarship winner for the 49th IATEFL Conference in Manchester, UK. 

My areas of interest are integrating learning technologies in ESL/EFL classrooms, teacher education, conversational analysis and discourse analysis.

Session Reports

Are you ready to reconstruct your identities?

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Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Fri 7 Apr, 10:12

Ashok Sapkota, a teacher educator from western part of Nepal, currently working at Tribhuvan University, Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Reconstructing teachers’ identity through differentiated instruction’ in which he highlighted the major areas of identity construction such as, academics, personal rapport, institutional support, dress code, continuous professional development, blending of diverse pedagogy along technology, etc.

Mobile Learning: Where are we now?

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Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Fri 7 Apr, 00:23

Through her very comprehensive presentation, Vaishali Pradhan, the Programmes Manager, British Council Nepal highlighted the attempts made through Teachapp to sustain impact on Nepali teachers’ personal and professional learning. She said that to enable teacher trainers and teachers to use this app in teacher training as well as language teaching and learning, one hundred and twenty-five master trainers working under the three-year project of British Council, Nepal are training across Nepal.

Musical Blending: An Innovative Classroom Technique!

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Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Thu 6 Apr, 23:18

Khemraj Sharma, a teacher from Eastern Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Musical Blending of Native and English language for better learning’. He demonstrated how the marginalized students studying in Nepali (native language) medium school of elementary level have enriched their English language proficiency by blending English language with native musical flavor. He showed how students could grasp content using this method which includes composing English songs focusing on linguistic elements in Nepali beats and songs.

Does the English Language really matters? A Study of Everest Region

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Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Thu 6 Apr, 22:38

Jeevan Karki, a teacher trainer and researcher from Nepal delivered his talk on ‘English Medium Instruction (EMI) in Nepal: A study of Everest Region’ in which he explored the reasons for the shift in medium of instruction particularly in public schools in  Nepal and its perceived potential challenges. He stated that EMI was introduced in 2005 in Everest region of Nepal. Nevertheless, it seems there is less planning and preparation and no clear EMI guidelines to systematize the practice.  He claims that there is a huge contradiction between policy and practice.