My name is Oumar Moussa Djigo, I am a Hornby scholar from Senegal and I work as an English language teacher at Fridoil junior high school in Dakar, the capital city.

I started teaching in 2005 after graduating from Cheikh Anta Diop university of Dakar, major English. I also teach English for Specific purposes at the English Language Institute (ELI), where I work with professionals and graduate students who register to improve their proficiency.

I am actively involved in our departmental teacher support group, and in the association of Teachers of English in Senegal (ATES), as they offer professional development opportunities to all members from public and private schools.

I am currently doing an MA in ELT at Warwick University with a specialism in Teacher Education and Development (TED), but also in ICT in ELT as an optional module. 

Session Reports

Motivational teaching: Engaging young people in learning behaviours by Nick Thorne

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Fri 7 Apr, 10:39

As a wonderful entertainer, Nick started his show by offering chocolates to the audience who cheered and salivated at such a motivational starter. 

A good point to start his talk was to highlight that motivation is strong when predicted rewards are:

  • Highly likely
  • Happening soon
  • More worrying than alternative sanctions

Learners' voice and video recordings as homework: might be helpful? by

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Fri 7 Apr, 10:09

This session focused on using recordings to encourage our learners to do homework. 

Symposium: Teacher-research for difficult circumstances

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 13:38

This symposium aimed at raising several issues related to teacher-research in difficult circumstances. Richard Smith, Paula Rebolledo, Michelle Evans, Asli Lidice Gokturk, Harry Kucha Kucha, and Anna Maria Pinter gave insightful highlights of the issue.

Teaching life skills to to Children: Outstanding session by Carol Read at Argyll 1

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 12:47

Throughout her presentation, the inspiring, enthusiastic and dynamic presenter Carol Read shared great ideas on how English language teachers can integrate life skills into their teaching to make a significant difference to learners' lives.

Understanding English language teachers' associations in Sub-Saharan Africa by Liana Hyde and Abayneh Haile

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 10:17

Abayneh and liana talked about the creation of a networking system between sixteen English language teachers' associations in Sub-Saharan Africa inclluding countries like Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, Cameroun among many others. They mainly focused on the benefits for these associations to get together in order to collaborate and learn from each other. Among the sixteen countries, Senegal and Tanzania have the most important number of members (1000) due to their capacity to extend their branches in the different regions. 

ELT and social justice: opportunities in a time of chaos: Inspiring plenary session by J J Wilson at Clyde auditorium

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 09:52

J J Wilson's talk captivated all teachers and ELT practitioners who attended today's plenary session. With a great scene presence and an innate art to articulate his thoughts, he interacted with the audience throughout the different ways that social justice can be brought in the classroom. He started the session with wonderful icebreakers to set up the scene by sharing his own experience as a teacher who wanted to engage his learners.

IELTS Short courses: Strategies for prioritisation by Louis Rogers

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 15:43

This session was a presentation of Louis Rogers and Nick Thorner’s book entitled: A short course for IELTS success.

Louis Rogers talked about seven ways to help IELTS candidates to pass the test and guide them throughout the preparation, which is daunting for many non-native English speakers.

Language learner and teacher psychologies: Great plenary session by Sarah Mercer at Clyde auditorium with 3000 audience

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 11:15

Sarah Mercer really captivated the audience at Clyde auditorium this morning. She raised the crucial topic on learner and teacher psychology by addressing the need for teachers to build a genuine relationship with their learners. She emphasised the pivotal role of teachers as people who are psychologically wise and who know how to make a difference in their learners' lives.

Will it blend? Insightful presentation by Eftychris Kantarakis from Grece

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 10:26

This was an insightful presentation by Eftychris Kantarakis who focused on three main point:

  • What is blended learning?
  • Ten reasons why we should blend
  • Useful apps and tools for new blenders