I am an EFL teacher and trainer from Iran with fifteen years’ experience teaching both adults and children. I began teaching English as a foreign language whilst studying for my BA in English Language and Literature at Loreastan University in Khoramabad, Iran. Since then, I have frequently worked with international companies to improve the English language skills of company executives. I have also been employed as an HR consultant and trainer. Most recently, I have worked as an Educational Supervisor in a primary school in Tehran, where my role involved teacher assessment and implementing strategies for continuous professional development.

This year, I am lucky enough to be Iran’s recipient of the Hornby scholarship at Warwick University, where I am studying for an MA in English Language Teaching with a specialism in Teacher Education. My particular interests include material design, continuous professional education and the role of online materials in teacher education.

Session Reports

Children and teachers as co-researchers

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Thu 6 Apr, 15:00

Annamaria Pinter form the University of Warwick shared the project findings that was funded by the British Council in collaboration with Rama Mathew from University of Delhi. There were interesting reactions in the beginning of the project as follows:

IATEFL Teacher Training & Education SIG Open Forum

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Wed 5 Apr, 22:13

Wednesday's final TTEd SIG Day event was a vibrant Q & A session with George Pickering as the session moderator and Donald Freeman, Sue Leather and Silivia Richardson as facilitators. The facilitators shed light on some of the Teacher Education and Development issues of the participants, especially "How to become an effective Teacher educator".

Develop Teacher Talk

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Wed 5 Apr, 14:49

Jamie Keddie, during his session on "Develop Teacher Talk" deconstructed the image of Teacher Talk Time from something negative to constructive.

CPD and Networking for Iranian Teacher Trainers

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Tue 4 Apr, 18:14

Today, as part of the wonderful series of presentations, the "CPD and networking for Iranian teacher trainers using Moodle" session was interesting to the particpants. I have interviewd with Margot Arthr from the British Council who attended the session.

Question: Hello. Which part of the conferece have you found interesting so far?