Session Reports

Final plenary

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Sat 16 Apr, 18:48

Jan Blake delighted the audience with her stories about men, women, love and life. She is an amazing and entertaining story-teller. Her deep voice and vivid body language contributed to the impact of her stories.... so moved!! Lovely!!!!

Greeting an Iatefl international ambassador

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Sat 16 Apr, 18:42

This is PhD Claudia Ferradas. She is an amazing teacher from Argentina and a Shakespeare expert and fan. Life crossed our paths in Argentina ... so happy for her and well deserved recognition. Congrats

Silvana Richardson's Plenary and follow up session

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Sat 16 Apr, 10:41

This was an interesting plenary about non native teachers of English... it is a must see plenary for everyone (fortunately, it is availabe at the BC website). The follow up session was packed and there were lots of questions... it seems that there is a demand for professionalism, teacher development, awareness and social justice. These seem to be topics that have global relevance and that concern all teachers of English. Sone conclusions: we all have to work together!

Online Teacher Developnent

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Sat 16 Apr, 10:33

Johanna Sterling describes the characteristics of on line development courses. She suggests and shows activities she carries out in Nile. Also, the how-to of some software is explained and tips are provided.Interesting!

Visual literacy by J. Hughes

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Sat 16 Apr, 10:17

I loved attending this session. I use his books in my classes so it is giving a face to the author ;) he explained how and why he chooses images for textbooks and what should be taken into account when dealibg with images. He gave a brief overview of visual literacy (constructed meaning, communicated meaning, and combined meaning). He also suggested software and activities to be used in class. Great session! I really enjoyed it!

ESP panel

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Fri 15 Apr, 21:51

ESP teachers from Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine shared their inspirational work on different ESP fields. There were lots of questions and discussions. Their ideas were enlightening and really useful... l loved to see how everything is supported by data from research or literature. Everyone shared their emails to keep in touch and continue networking. Great afternoon event.

Digitizing the EAP classroom

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Fri 15 Apr, 21:47

Zoe Gazzeley-Eke explained a task-based activity for engineering students that involved employability skills, ICT and academic English. She shared her students' work and videos. Good suggestions!!!

Grammar for AP

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Fri 15 Apr, 21:44

Louise Greenwood presented her research and clearly supported her point: we should focus on teaching our students the grammar that they actually need for AW. She provided clear examples based on corpus analysis. It was a great presentation!!!

Diane Larsen-Freeman plenary session

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Fri 15 Apr, 21:40

This was a thought-provoking session... key words? Affordances...scaffolding...ecology of language....ambient language... We, as ESOL teachers, have the committment of helping students to relate to the language of the environment...we teach for adaptaion...

Books presentation: LETs and NESTs

Submitted by Maria Soledad Loutayf on Thu 14 Apr, 21:16

At 3:50 pm, during the coffee break, the British Council presented the book LETs and NESTs: Voices, Views and Vignettes edited by Fiona Copland, Sue Garton and Steve Mann. It explores how Local English Teachers (LETs) and Native English Teachers (NESTs) collaborate in classrooms and their experiences.... different voices from different parts of the world are included...reflection on challenges and practicalities ... intercultural issues... I got a free sample of the book and ...since the three editors were there, I got the book signed by the three of them!!!