I am Jayantha Ratnayake. I am from Sri Lanka. I work as a Master Teacher Trainer for the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka. Currently, I am studying at the University of Warwick in United Kingdom for Masters in English Language Teaching. I was inspired to become an English teacher in Sri Lanka by my English teachers in the Convent where I did my primary education. Their commitment and enthusiasm motivated me to pursue my higher studies in English Language. I love teaching English because it provides the freedom to be creative in the classroom. I experimented with different methodologies in teaching local students. My promotion to be a Master Teacher Trainer allowed me to introduce new methods of teaching to my student teachers. I have gained experience through visiting schools to observe teachers and that allowed me identify contextual factors in teaching English such as handling large classrooms, heterogeneity in classes, importance of continuous professional development for teachers, etc. My varied educational and professional background offered me a unique platform to follow Masters in English Language Teaching at the University of Warwick. 

Session Reports

Where angels fear to tread-Isn't it for non-natives then?

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 09:48

The plenary session was the only pronunciation session which was attracted by many. Her singing and dancing made the session live. It was interesting to come to know that the turning point of pursuing pronunciation in the English language of her career as a teacher is the film'My fair lady'. I was relieved to come to know that it was alright to be intelligible in speaking English rather than be very accurate in suprasegmental features. Thank you, Jane Setter the professor at the University of Reading.

Second language input,working memory and dyslexia

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 06:02

 It's inspiring to know that there are options to teach even for students who are identified with dyslexia. The research findings were feasible and field tested. The session that was in Dochart 1 on 6th of April at 4.45 p.m was really exciting. The ways of expanding the working memory of such students will be a great news for teachers who teach special needy students. Thank you, Dr. Bimali Indraratna from the university of Lancaster. 

IATFEL is the best event in my life

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 05:41

'I came the long way actually from Argentina with my family. I am really excited to attend this conference. It's a dream for me to be with such a self-motivated ELT crowd. This is the best event I have ever experienced in my professional life.'  I am  Flor de Maria Montoya Lopez from Universidad National de la Patagonia.

Plenary session on 6th April

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 19:57

J.J. Wilson the amazing teacher trainer, a writer, a researcher and the award winner of the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union Prize for the best book of 2011 was the speaker.It was inspiring to know what education means. According to him ' All education is what we bring into the classroom as teachers'. 'Education is transformation, not a memory bank'. He stressed the importance of the social justice in the classroom. What is social justice then? It's the variety of approaches such as using images to teach, using poetry, using drama, using stories etc.

Access the USA programme

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 03:47

The program 'Access' is targetted at the disadvantaged youth from 80 countries and focus on making them knowledgeable of English language to open their access to the world. The audience was excited to know that this is a  micro scholarships program. Its a great opportunity for the English teachers also to make a partnership with their respective U.S embassy in their countries to become involved in this program. The presenters were Jennifer Uhler and Jesse Kiendl. The session was held at 3.15-3.45 p.m at Dochart 1 in IATEFL venue. Information can be accessed from this email.

Achieving phonology's potential in the ELT classroom

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 03:27

Anna Bartosik is an EAP teacher from Canada. She is working at Sheridan college. She said she was really excited about the presentation of Adam Scott. It was the effect of phonology in improving all 4 skills of English language teaching. The session was at 3.15-3.45 p.m at Boisdale1. It was exciting to her to come to know that phonology has an effect on reading and writing in addition to speaking and listening.

From English Teacher to Business Owner

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Wed 5 Apr, 16:53

The session which was conducted by Heather Hansen the speech and Communication specialist from Global Speech Academy at Alsh 1 in Loch suite was very demanding. The room was full of ELT specialists from all parts of the world. It was focused on English teaching as a multi-billion global industry even though most teachers struggle financially. She gave practical options for teachers such as discovering teaching niche, defining target market and shifting mindset if anyone wants to become a successful business owner.