Betelhem Taye is a proud English teacher and a journalist from Ethiopia currently undergoing her MA study in English Language Teaching at the University of Warwick. She is the 2016/17 Hornby Trust scholarship winner. She aspires to become a teacher educator after her study at the University of Warwick. She has taught English for more than eight years in her country and worked as an English newscaster and reporter for the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation for over five years. She has been teaching English in high school, university, as well as at English Language centres.  Fhi360 (family health international) and British council Ethiopia are the recent educational hubs where she served as an English tutor and a teacher trainer. Betelhem has been engaged in teacher training, conference hosting, news article production and translation works throughout her professional life.

Session Reports

A Mooc for monitoring teacher CPD

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Thu 6 Apr, 15:44

Despite the abundant opportunities of different CPD undertakings individual teachers take part in, the idea of monitoring and keeping a record of the teachers’ CPD reflection is somehow challenging in different contexts. Clare Haward during her presentation today, introduced a securely created online platform (Mooc) for teachers which allows teachers to showcase their CPD activities. This Mooc, highly secured for registered teachers only is available at www.

‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’: ELT and social Justice

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Thu 6 Apr, 12:55

In his splendid plenary session today, JJ Wilson talked about the teaching of social justice issues in English language classes. ‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’, the book written by educator Paulo Freire, which proposes a pedagogy with a new relationship between teacher, student, and society was the center of his talk.

How the tiger got its stripes: teaching life skills to children

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 22:55

During her presentation on how and why teachers should integrate life skills into their teaching Carol Read said, “we are not only English teachers for our students. We are their educators responsible for adjusting their better future as human beings.” She stated, one of the supreme importance of teaching students’ life skill through their English lessons is to help them take responsibility to find the direction of their own lives.

Help IELTS test takers manage their time

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 16:44

Sometimes failure in IELTS is not all about not knowing the answers or not having the appropriate proficiency level the test requires.  It has a lot to do with managing the time given during the test as well. Louis Rogers, from the University of Reading, drawing on ideas from a book he co-authored, entitled, ‘IELTS Intensive: a short course to IELTS success’ addressed the issue of time management in IELTS in his presentation today.

Be a psychologically wise teacher

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 10:46

In her plenary session today, Sarah Mercer addressed the crowd on the importance of building a healthy relationship with students as a way not only to motivate students but to sustain the motivation of teachers themselves as well.