I, Addeh Hovassapian, am an English Language Instructor in Ayb High School and a Research Assistant in American University of Armenia. I moved to Armenia back in 2009 where I did my MA in TEFL and graduated with Valediction Honors.

During my professional career, I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language to both adults and teenagers for 6 years and have worked in various language centers and universities in Iran, Armenia and New York City, USA. I also have three conference presentations on Teacher Education and Language Assessment topics, co-instructed in several teacher training workshops, and recently am working on a qualitative research study on Reflective Journal Writing as a teacher- educating tool.

As my teaching ideology, I consider the education’s main goal activation of students’ critical thinking, self-awareness, and creativity, rather than their transformation to passive recipients of knowledge being provided. Therefore, as an English language teacher, I consider this as my key role and try to employ my teaching opportunities to raise such qualities in my students both teen and adult.

Finally, my interests in the field include Teaching Methodologies, Learning Technologies, Teacher Education and Professionalism, and research on various aspects of Language Assessment.

Session Reports

Wrapping Up IATEFL 2013: Reflections on the Experience

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Sun 14 Apr, 12:39

Well IATEFL conference 2013 ended on Friday on April 12...

And traveling a full day back home, while kind of exhausted, mulling over this unbelievable experience it just seems like a dream ... A dream I lived in and was so pleasant and beautiful!  

The IATEFL conference without doubts was the best I have ever participated. The wealth and intensity of information provided was unlike any other I have been to and the high level of professionalism and discipline prevailing throughout the 5 days of the event was truly admirable.

Mixed Abilities: Activities to deal with it

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Thu 11 Apr, 15:36

<strong>Have got a Mixed-level or mixed-ability class and need practical ideas on how to involve all your students and provide them with learning opportunities based on their levels and abilities?</strong>

Here are some of the ideas we discussed and tried in Bonnie Tsoi workshop entitled “Mixed Abilities: An Intelligent Approach”.  

The Future of ELT: is it really in future?

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Thu 11 Apr, 12:24

In today’s plenary Jun Liu delineated how the ELT might look like as an ever-changing paradigm. 

His speech was quite intriguing one as to answer this question Jun had resorted to a thorough study of the prevailing change trends both in past and present and by systematic analysis of what has been studied and researched in the past 5 decades in the field all around the world, had compiled a comprehensive data - both statistical and qualitative - to predict its possible future. 

Maximizing students speaking fluency: Some Scaffolding Techniques

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Wed 10 Apr, 13:01

I am sure most of us, language teachers, have experienced a scenario such as the following several times: after doing so many controlled practices of different aspects of language (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) with our students, when it has come to doing speaking tasks, all of a sudden, our students have frozen and became unable to articulate their ideas even though they have had the required language repertoire. 

So how and with what possible techniques this issue can be tackled in the class and how can we maximize students fluency?

Critical thinking for all levels? By John Hughes

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Wed 10 Apr, 12:20

Critical thinking has become a buzz word in English language teaching and most teachers seek to achieve this in higher levels of language teaching. 

But today I took part in a workshop titled “Critical thinking for all levels? “ hosted by John Hughes (one of the authors of Life Course books) which suggested that critical thinking can be developed beginning from A2 (intermediate) on if:

Authentic Materials: Pros, Cons, Solutions

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Wed 10 Apr, 04:32

Another interesting presentation which I attended today was titled “Authentic Materials:  what do learners need” by Heather Buchnan & Jolie Nortorn.

This presentation touched upon various aspects of authentic materials use in the classroom and delved into the perceived pros and cons of using such materials as well as suggested practical solutions for the possible complications.

But before I start on reporting on the highlights which I picked up, see if you can answer to the following questions on the topic:

With Jim Scrivener on "How to Demand High?"

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Wed 10 Apr, 04:18

One of the best workshops I attended today was hosted by Jim Scrivener, one of the best-known ELT experts and the author of some popular books such as “Classroom Management Techniques” and “Learning Teaching”.

The title of his workshop was “How to Demand High” and it aimed to provide the participants with practical ideas on how they can avoid surface teaching and falling into the pitfall of routines and fixed procedures by pushing the students beyond their capabilities for better learning results.

Blends in the English Langauge: Prof. David Crystal's Plenary Speech

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Wed 10 Apr, 04:15

Today, the IATEFL 2013 conference officially started by Professor David Crystal’s fantastic plenary speech.

Almost 1000 delegates were present during the speech and I am sure they all, just like me, left the hall with a great sense of satisfaction for being presented with an original content and the professor’s lively presentation style which set and boosted up our mood for the upcoming talks and workshops.

TTEd SIG PCE Program - Jeremy Harmer: On Conducting Professional Development Activities (Part 2)

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Tue 9 Apr, 08:57

This is continuation of my previous blog on TTEd workshop and Jeremy Harmer‘s ideas on the topic.
But before everything, I’d like to highlight that probably I have read this author and specialist’s books in the field more than any other author’s during my teacher career and actually to be precise Jeremy Harmer’s <strong>The Practice of English Language Teaching</strong> was the first ELT book I read as preparation for my first teaching practice back in 2007! So meeting Jeremy Harmer in person was the most blessing incident of the day for me!!

TTEd SIG PCE Program - Penny Ur: On Conducting Professional Development Activities (Part 1)

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Tue 9 Apr, 08:49

Yesterday, the IATEFL Conference was initially launched in the morning by holding the pre-conference Special Interest Groups (SIG) workshops which were full-day events.

That is, during the day all the participants were grouped based on their previously indicated area of specialty and interest, and were provided with the opportunity to expand their understanding of certain aspects of their profession by the practical guidelines of the experts in those particular areas as well as sharing their own experiences in the unique contexts in which they work.