Saturday 5 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
12:20 Queen's 2 Refresh your ELT project planning know-how Helen Sykes
12:20 Hall Qa Talking success: improving performance in IELTS speaking Louisa Dunne
11:10 Hall Qa Changing attitudes to using songs & song lyrics in EFL Chris Walklett
10:30 Queen's 2 Integrating skills in EFL classes using video and sound effects Abduljabbar Alshabi
10:30 Hall Qa How to develop a career in Business English teaching Timothy Phillips, Gabriella Hirthe
Friday 4 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
17:30 Hall Qa Training teachers to be writers Sue Kay
16:40 Auditorium pearson Sig event V2 N/A
16:40 King's A Frames for teaching teachers Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
15:40 Hall Qa Working virtually: skills and confidence-building for modern international communication Jackie Black
15:40 Auditorium Finding out about teaching
15:40 Auditorium Finding out about teaching Keith Morrow, Elizabeth McLaren
14:40 Queen's 2 Mirror on the wall, who’s the best teacher of all? Thomas Wood
14:40 Auditorium The picture and the story Paul Dummett
13:40 Hall Qa So you want to become a perfect oral examiner? Diana Metzner
13:40 Auditorium Remembering new language: strategies that work – and strategies that don't Herbert Puchta
12:10 Hall Qa “What’s wrong with him?” A matter of type and style! Bita Rezaei
11:30 Hall Qa Do you work or just teach? Career perspectives in EFL Rubens Heredia
11:30 Auditorium ELT Conversation Jeremy Harmer, Scott Thornbury
10:30 Hall Qa Teaching strategies for meeting learner needs in IELTS Mary Spratt
10:30 Auditorium Can global issues provide authenticity and context in English teaching? Ken Wilson
9:00 Auditorium Plenary session by Michael Hoey Michael Hoey
Thursday 3 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
17:50 King's A Girls of Riyadh, Boys from Jeddah: a community of curators Valentina Dodge
17:10 King's A Putting teachers first: an adaptive learning platform for tertiary ESP Cleve Miller
17:10 Auditorium Forum on Investigating new knowledge constructs in teacher education Anne Burns, Anne Katz, Donald Freeman
15:50 Hall Qa Tech tools to promote critical thinking skills in ELT Steven Bukin
15:50 Auditorium Upgrade! Demand high to bring a grammar lesson alive Jim Scrivener
14:10 Hall Qa Integrating 21st Century skills effectively into your PBL syllabus Chryssantthe Sotiriou, Dimitrios Primalis
11:30 King's A Cambridge Signature Event Nick Saville, Miranda Hamilton, Stephanie Dimond-Bayir, Barkan Tekdogan
11:30 Auditorium ELTJ / IATEFL SIGNATURE EVENT Graham Hall
10:30 King's A Dictionary apps - a perfect partnership for the classroom and beyond Joanna Turnbull
10:30 Auditorium Speech recognition in ELT: its impact on teachers and learners Michael Carrier