Friday 23 March
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
13:40 Clyde Plenary by Derek Dick Derek Dick
12:40 Dochart 2 Life as an in-house corporate trainer - moving beyond the classroom Chris Bowie
11:40 Dochart 2 Reflective practice – we don’t do that here! Mike Solly, Clare Woodward
10:20 Boisdale 2 The CELTA Online - one year on Marie Therese Swabey, Colin Paton, David Rea
9:00 Clyde Plenary by James E. Zull James E. Zull
Thursday 22 March
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
17:30 Dochart 2 Writing your own materials – plusses and pitfalls Lucy Palmer
16:30 Dochart 2 Who's a legitimate speaker of English? Renata Franco Wilmot
15:50 Alsh 2 Teacher development through peer presentations: the experience of EELTPA Aschalew Teklu
15:30 Dochart 2 Tips for Teaching IGCSE English as a Second Language Rosemary Westwell
14:30 Alsh 2 Preparing students for IELTS and PTE Academic: A comparison Fiona Ash, Joanne Tomlinson
14:30 Dochart 2 Social networking sites for CPD of Indian English teachers Kalyan Chattopadhyay
13:40 Clyde ELTJ Debate: What has changed in ELT since 1995? Not much! Keith Morrow
13:40 Dochart 2 Young learner writing and the storyline approach Sharon Ahlquist
13:40 Alsh 2 ‘Team teachership’: factors attecting the nature of team-teaching interactional relationships Jaeyeon Heo
11:40 Lomond PEARSON SIGNATURE EVENT - 21st Century Skills for ELT Gareth Rees, Lewis Lansford, Vicki Hollet
11:10 Revising and Recycling Lexis Leo Selivan
10:30 Clyde English for development: creating opportunity for developing countries Michael Carrier
10:20 Dochart 2 Top tips for success with IELTS teaching and learning Louisa Dunne, Sarah Philpot
9:00 Clyde Plenary by Steven L. Thorne Steven L. Thorne