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Teachers are not omnipotent

Submitted by Chris Stanzer on Thu 3 Apr, 09:27

At the opening of her wonderfully energetic talk on Thursday afternoon, Maria Araxi Sachpazian posed the following question to her audience; ‘Are teachers responsible for their students’ learning?’ After receiving a resounding ‘Yes!’ in reply, this led on to the perennial problem; I teach – they don’t learn, and the common reaction to this – my fault? – which we in the audience could well identify with.

Sasajima Shigeru's blog

Submitted by Sasajima Shigeru on Wed 2 Apr, 14:24

Workshop - Teacher motivation and the prickly matter of handling feedback

It is my first workshop I happened to attend today. I was attracted the title of ‘teacher motivation.’ I got a lot of different conceptions from the participants there. I do realize each teacher is different due to his or her context. Interesting!

Leaping before you look

Submitted by Chris Stanzer on Wed 2 Apr, 09:20

One of the pleasures of a large conference is the opportunity to attend sessions in fields other than one’s own. I’m not a CELTA trainer but was intrigued by the synopsis of Danny Norrington-Davies‘ talk on Wednesday afternoon about CELTA trainees responding to emerging language during their observed lessons. This is something I do all the time now, but my own CELTA was very structured, which I found frightening enough at the beginning, and I know I would have been terrified to go into a class without the security of something pre-planned.

A most wonderful way to start the conference

Submitted by Vicky Saumell on Tue 1 Apr, 08:41

My first session after the opening plenary and I'm already nergised to go through the sea of talks in these next days. I have just seen and heard Adrian Underhill doing Demand High and Lost Learning. It was a fantastic reminder of how we often stay at the surface of  tasks and lose opportunities for teaching and learning.