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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Tue 9 Apr, 12:00

We started this workshop by naming three things we should be grateful about in our professional life. Well, I am thinking ...I have a job. Don't get me wrong, but nowdays in Croatia you should be happy if you have one. Second...I am really lucky to be doing what I like and that is teaching. And the third thing...dynamic and loads of opportunities for professional development. The point? We never think about good things, just the bad ones. And in order to develop professionally, you need three things: hapiness, motivation and creativity! It really is true, isn't it?

TTEd SIG PCE Program - Jeremy Harmer: On Conducting Professional Development Activities (Part 2)

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Tue 9 Apr, 08:57

This is continuation of my previous blog on TTEd workshop and Jeremy Harmer‘s ideas on the topic.
But before everything, I’d like to highlight that probably I have read this author and specialist’s books in the field more than any other author’s during my teacher career and actually to be precise Jeremy Harmer’s <strong>The Practice of English Language Teaching</strong> was the first ELT book I read as preparation for my first teaching practice back in 2007! So meeting Jeremy Harmer in person was the most blessing incident of the day for me!!

TTEd SIG PCE Program - Penny Ur: On Conducting Professional Development Activities (Part 1)

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Tue 9 Apr, 08:49

Yesterday, the IATEFL Conference was initially launched in the morning by holding the pre-conference Special Interest Groups (SIG) workshops which were full-day events.

That is, during the day all the participants were grouped based on their previously indicated area of specialty and interest, and were provided with the opportunity to expand their understanding of certain aspects of their profession by the practical guidelines of the experts in those particular areas as well as sharing their own experiences in the unique contexts in which they work.

Do you know a secret? There are decisions to be made

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Tue 9 Apr, 05:28

Reading the conference programme on the screen, you realize there is a wide variety of very interesting workshops and the decision which to take must be difficult. Only when you get the printed version, like all delegates did at the registration, it starts to look like an impossible mission. During every break yesterday I saw delegates with that book the size of a telephone directory of old times, going through the pages with attention, trying to choose wisely. My plan for today is not to miss:

The First Day in IATEFL -The First Impressions

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Mon 8 Apr, 17:18

So here I am finally!

In Liverpool IATEFL Conference 2013 and at the BT Convention Center and Echo Arena.   

Today being the registration day, the very first moment I entered the convention center, I got daunted as well as extremely thrilled and excited by the magnitude of all that is going on at the center! 

Bringing together all these ELT specialists and professionals from 100 nations in one place is phenomenal by itself, let alone all the fantastic talks, workshops, poster presentations and panel discussions which are to be held! 


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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Mon 8 Apr, 17:14

Monday, the 8th - and it is almost sunny in Liverpool, UK :) Good start for the Conference week...As a roving reporter, I joined two different pre-conference events. 

IATEFL 2013 Conference - Welcome aboard !

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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Mon 8 Apr, 15:50

I would now like to tell you about some important features 'on board' this Conference, the  IATEFL 2013. Although some of you may have been to these Conferences before procedures are always changing so please read carefully before takeoff.

There are  ELT professionals from around 100 countries each with his/her own thoughts and experiences.  You can join one of the five plenary sesions, four signature events and there are around 500 different sessions, from talks and workshops to posters and forums.

Everywhere I go I hear...

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Mon 8 Apr, 14:21

"Everywhere I go I hear it said..." - you can sing the famous lyrics but with so many teachers these days in Liverpool, the word is not the same the Beatles had in mind. I'd say the word is "flip" your classroom, at least for the teachers following the Learning Technologies SIG Pre-Conference Event today. 
This year LTSIG is looking at what technology can offer when it comes to learner autonomy and Paul Braddock's workshop today was the first of a few during the conference that examine the way technology can be used in the flipped classroom.

Here, There and Everywhere

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Sun 7 Apr, 22:37

After two years of following the conference online, here I am – in Liverpool: an experienced (if not oldish) teacher participating for the first time at the IATEFL conference in its f2f format, on my first visit to Liverpool. 

The journey from Zagreb to London by plane and from London to Liverpool by train took most of the day, but from I could see in the late afternoon and evening, Liverpool is a great city and there will be a lot to see during this week of conference.