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Magical Mystery Tour for Teachers who'll never walk alone

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Wed 1 May, 00:09

I am back home and going through the programme of the conference, reading the notes, thinking about the most interesting bits of the talks and workshops I attended and feeling sad about all the great ones I had to miss because I am a total failure at cloning myself.

IATEFL - Liverpool 2013

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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Sun 21 Apr, 19:07

After coming back home from Liverpool I had a plan - to organize my thoughts and impressions...well, I can tell you – the plan did not really work! A week after, I am still under the impression of the conference, new colleagues, advices, activities I can apply in my teaching and so much more. At this point I can only say IATEFL is an event each teacher should experience in order to develop both personally and professionally. It is one of those Conferences that just overwhelm you no matter where you come from or your previous conference experience.

Wrapping Up IATEFL 2013: Reflections on the Experience

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Sun 14 Apr, 12:39

Well IATEFL conference 2013 ended on Friday on April 12...

And traveling a full day back home, while kind of exhausted, mulling over this unbelievable experience it just seems like a dream ... A dream I lived in and was so pleasant and beautiful!  

The IATEFL conference without doubts was the best I have ever participated. The wealth and intensity of information provided was unlike any other I have been to and the high level of professionalism and discipline prevailing throughout the 5 days of the event was truly admirable.

Teaching EFL through the multiple intelligence focus

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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Fri 12 Apr, 06:57

This fantastic session by Ksenija Rumora helped us in raising awareness of different learning styles, techniques, intelligences and ways of motivation. Most of us are aware of the fact that we have different types of learners in our classroom. Some of our students learn in a visual way, some are auditory learners and there are some who like hands-on activities and being involved. The greatest number of our students, however, is multimodal. But what do we, as teachers, do for these learning preferences? This question leads us to multiple intelligences.

Google +Hangout at IATEFL2013

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Fri 12 Apr, 06:26

Ann Foreman had a very interesting idea to organize an online hangout with participants originally from different parts of the world who are now all in Liverpool for the IATEFL conference. At 19.00 GMT on Thursday a group of enthusiastic teachers met in Google+ Hangout:

P.S. I love you (On the last day of the conference)

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Fri 12 Apr, 05:37

It's the last day of the conference. Everybody is a little tired, your roving reporter included, but we are looking forward to a new day at the conference:

More about British Council Signature Event at IATEFL 2013

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Thu 11 Apr, 21:53

The spread of English around the world has a great impact on the changes in education for many countries. English becomes the language of education, even from the first year of school. Some think it is a threat to local languages; some that English is a tool that helps individuals and economies to develop. Is the promotion of English harmful for them, their mother tongues and countries?  Our four panelists and the room full of teachers were the guarantee of the success and the debate met the expectations. 

Mixed Abilities: Activities to deal with it

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Submitted by Addeh Hovassapian on Thu 11 Apr, 15:36

<strong>Have got a Mixed-level or mixed-ability class and need practical ideas on how to involve all your students and provide them with learning opportunities based on their levels and abilities?</strong>

Here are some of the ideas we discussed and tried in Bonnie Tsoi workshop entitled “Mixed Abilities: An Intelligent Approach”.  

Stop, look, listen and communicate

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Submitted by Branka Segvic on Thu 11 Apr, 15:35

The aim of this fantastic workshop was to share ways in which we can use authentic materials in the classroom. I suppose the opinion of most teachers is that authentic materials are only suitable for higher level groups. So was mine. But after having taken part in the workshop by Patricia Vonscheidt, I am starting to wonder...She convinced me authentic material can work just fine even with beginners and elementary level groups. 

ELT tomorrow: IATEFL or IATEEL

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Submitted by Sanja Bozinovic on Thu 11 Apr, 12:33

Future is here! Jun Liu, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and Senior International Officer at Geogia State University, USA, gave a brilliant plenary session, which included the most recent data from his research into the themes and patterns that have evolved over the past few decades in the ELT world, and the trends that will shape the world through 2030.