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Leadership and management - Andy Hockley - From teacher to manager

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Submitted by Ana Kodric on Tue 20 Mar, 10:23

Andy Hockley is the co-author of the Cambridge From Teacher to Manager.

You can read and learn more at -, a place to share ideas, thoughts, problems and questions regarding leadership and management in language teaching organisations.


Leadership and management - George Pickering - Performance management

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Submitted by Ana Kodric on Mon 19 Mar, 17:24

Gerge Pickering is a leadership and management coach, consultant and trainer. He has worked in over 60 countries helping individuals and organisations achieve their objectives and develop themselves. He can be contacted at:


Pre-conference event - Leadership and Management

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Submitted by Ana Kodric on Mon 19 Mar, 16:45

Hello dear colleagues,

this is Ana on a direct link from the 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference and exhibition which has just set sail... As a roving reporter I will try and give my best to make You feel as if you were here sitting next to me in the presentations ;)

The overwhelming conference programme is starting tomorrow, Tuesday, and today I have just attended the Pre-Conference Event - Leadership and Management on Developing people through effective performance management.


The main points presented and discussed were:

Presenter profile: Martin Sketchley

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Submitted by Adam Simpson on Mon 19 Mar, 16:35

Dogme ELT looks like making a big impact on the conference again this year, so I'm delighted that Martin Sketchley, one of its main proponents, has taken the time to chat with me about his presentation.


Could you tell us a bit about yourself?


Pre-conference event: Rosinda de Castro Guerra Ramos

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Submitted by Adam Simpson on Mon 19 Mar, 16:19

Rosinda de Castro Guerra Ramos' presentation looked at bios in an online undergraduate course. While this was only part of the research conducted, this was chosen as the focus as it is one not often focused on in the literature.


Bios are not described in the literature; consequently Rosinda had to compile a collection of published bios, which were then analysed in terms of the context of production, textual structure, and lexicogrammatical elements. The purpose of this analysis was to decide what aspects could then be taught to students.


Pre-conference event: Larisa Zelenskaya

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Submitted by Adam Simpson on Mon 19 Mar, 16:04

Larisa Zelenskaya made the case for bilingual coursebooks. In doing so, she stressed the need for localized materials.


Larisa explained the development of ESP within the Russian context. Moving from the 18th century, when French was the second language of choice, through the 19th, when German came to prominence, Larisa showed how English came to prominence particularly beginning after the second world war, and them more so after the end of the cold war, when learners suddenly had unprecedented access to authentic British and American materials.


Pre-conference event: Helen Basturkmen

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Submitted by Adam Simpson on Mon 19 Mar, 14:33

Helen Basturkmen's presentation shocased the results of research looking into the requirements of developing a quality ESP course.

The aim of the study was to see how experienced ESP course developers went about their business in terms of the procedures they use.

By looking at case studies that had focused on courses run with such diverse groups as medical professionals and police officers, Helen aimed to uncover commonalities and differences in each context.