Mobile Learning: Where are we now?

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Through her very comprehensive presentation, Vaishali Pradhan, the Programmes Manager, British Council Nepal highlighted the attempts made through Teachapp to sustain impact on Nepali teachers’ personal and professional learning. She said that to enable teacher trainers and teachers to use this app in teacher training as well as language teaching and learning, one hundred and twenty-five master trainers working under the three-year project of British Council, Nepal are training across Nepal. As cell phones users are massively increased in Nepal due to the decline in cost in recent years, there is a strong possibility of using cell phones for language teaching and learning.

Ms. Pradhan said that mobile technology can make the learn on their own. As regards Teachapp, it is also easily accessible since it runs offline too. She claimed that some content of Teachapp is contextually appropriate as it has got some bilingual expressions (Nepali and English) for classroom conversation. She further emphasized they are also focusing on making this App more exclusive to Nepal; however, the data of downloading shows 80 percent of downloads are from other parts of the world. As of her, this is to have alignment with the project implemented in Nepal. Recently, it is seen that along with some bilingual content, this app has used global British Council print materials for teacher training and teaching.

She further said that teacher uses this app as resources for teaching and learning as it gives them audiovisual links and important websites, and to communicate with British Council whereas trainer uses this app as a project management tool. She further claimed that this app is reported to have positive impact on teacher and trainers’ professional life.  She also presented the potential challenges such as monitoring its use in teacher training and sustainability of the project. 

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