All the interviews we recorded at the IATEFL Conference were broadcast live from our online studio. All our video interviews are available here for you to access in your own time.

Friday 12 April
Time Title Interview description
14:10 Nik and Andi's conference round up

No Abstract

14:10 Eric Baber meets members of the Liverpool Online team

Eric Baber IATEFL vice president meets the Liverpool Online team; the people behind this year's online conference centre.

14:00 Interview with Marcelo Barros and Fernando Guarany

Marcelo Barros and Fernando Guarany talk about Braz-Tesol's work with teachers' associations and the work they do on teacher development in Brazil.

14:00 Interview with Jessica Mackay & Nicoleta Nechita

Jessica Mackay and Nicoleta Nechita tell us about their classroom research that won them IATEFL scholarships to present and attend this year's conference.

13:50 Interview with Shelly Terrell

Shelley Terrell talks about how viral videos online can inspire creativity in teenage learners. 

13:10 Interview with Liverpool Online Roving Reporters - Branka Segvic, Sanja Bozinovic and Addeh Hovassapian

Branka Segvic, Sanja Bozinovic and Addeh Hovassapian have been this year's roving reporters. Between them, they have written nearly 40 reports on their impressions of the conference and the sessions they have attended. All of their posts can be found...

11:20 Interview with Nick Robinson and Byron Russell

No Abstract

11:10 Interview with Rasha Elbashir and Baya Bensalah

Rasha Elbashir, TESOL Sudan and Baya Bensalah, World Learning Algeria talk about their training experience and association World Learning SIT which deals with teacher development, curriculum and syllabus design. Their work also promotes youth...

Thursday 11 April
Time Title Interview description
18:20 Interview (2) with A.S. Hornby scholarship winners

Samira Hazari interviews Emma Mojoko Evele & Shiva Kushwaha.

18:20 Interview (1) with A.S. Hornby scholarship winners

Samira Hazari interviews Maria Bazante, Le Tran and Ali Jabbar Zwayyer.

18:10 Interview with David Pardoe

David Pardoe talks about the Life Player project.

17:50 Interview with Tessa Woodward

Tessa Woodward talks about the Fair List Initiative, which looks at gender balance in conferences and events throughout the U.K. To find out more about this new initiative join in the conversation on Twitter at #thefairlist

17:30 Interview with Margit Szesztay

Margit Szesztay explains the thinking behind the Global Issues SIG and discusses how teachers can share resources within the themes and principles discussed in their website.

16:30 Interview with Adrian Underhill

Adrian Underhill talks about spontaneity in the classroom. Recognising when we improvise in the classroom and talking about it are the first steps in addressing whether a diversion from your lesson plan is leading to learning or not.

16:00 Interview with Penny Ur

Penny Ur OBE talks about her recent recognition for her contribution in the field of English language teaching, assessing the use of technology for learning and rewriting the new edition of Discussions that Work to help motivate learners to speak...

15:30 Interview with Nishat Murshida, Fatima Shahabuddin and Sanjay Arora

Nishat Murshida, Fatima Shahabuddin and Sanjay Arora from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India talk about their teaching associations and how they are now collaborating better internally and across global borders.

15:10 Interview with Phil Dexter and Vandana Pandya

Phil Dexter and Vandana Pandya talk about special educational needs an issue of great concern to teachers. Many teachers feel ill equipped to enable inclusive learning for children and adults with learning and behaviour challenges. The British Council...

14:50 Interview with Sascha Euler and Latsouck Gueye

Sascha Euler and Latsouck Gueye talk about what being an IATEFL scholarship holder means to them.

14:40 Interview with Alison Barrett

Alison Barrett was talking about the British Council's role in teacher development in India and the challenges of working with government to develop teachers on such a huge scale. 

13:40 Interview with Liu Jun

Liu Jun talked about the 6 competencies he believes teachers should be developing. He gave particular emphasis to the ability to use technology and the importance of being able to teach a specific subject beyond English. He also believes it is...

13:40 Interview with Kishore Roy and Dhiraj Gurung

No Abstract

13:20 Interview with Gail Ellis and Nayr Ibrahim

Gail Ellis and Nayr Ibrahim talk about their offer of literacy courses for bilingual learners in Paris and the importance of involving parents in learning and how understanding parents can help language centres make decisions and train teachers.

13:20 Interview with Jo Hayes, Jo Budden and Adam Kightley

Jo Hayes, Jo Budden and Adam Kightley give us an overview of the plethora of free materials and activities for kids, teens and adults on They also discuss...

12:50 Interview with Susan Barduhn

Susan Barduhn talks about her research that her plenary tomorrow is based on and the options teachers have when choosing postgraduate courses today.

11:50 Interview with Alison Castle & Faiza Al Johani

Alison Castle introduces how the IATEFL Jobs Market works and Dr. Al Johani speaks about KIng Abdul Aziz's involvement as a recruiter at the conference and the job opportunities available in Saudi Arabia. Read more about the Jobs Market and positions...

Wednesday 10 April
Time Title Interview description
18:20 Interview with Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly talked about the BLISS project. The Bihar language initiative for secondary schools is a two year english teacher education project which aims to train a group of 160 teacher educators from every district of one of India's largest but...

17:30 Interview with Carol Read, new IATEFL President

Carol Read, new President of IATEFL, talks about plans for the future of IATEFL and the forum on early years language education which she co-presented with Sandie Mourao and Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou.

17:30 Interview with Graham Hall

Graham Hall talked about ELT Journal which he edits. The Journal aims to link theory with practice, and includes peer reviewed articles, book reviews, and features such as "Key Concepts in ELT" and "Technology for language teaching".

16:20 Interview with Zhang Jinxiu and Zhou Liping

No Abstract

15:30 Interview with Zhang Jinxiu and Anna Searle

Anna talks about British Council's global offering for teachers and how this is being tailored to local needs and Zhang Jinxiu talks about some of the useful insights she has gained while at IATEFL and tells us about the teaching situation of teachers...

15:00 Interview with Tim Phillips, Zhou Liping & Keith O’Hare

Zhou Liping, Tim Phillips and Keith O'Hare discuss how teacher training in China fits in with global changes and how the British Council is working collaboratively with local education authorities across the country.

14:10 Interview with Carl-Johan Westring

Carl-Johan Westring, Vice President at EF Education First ( talks about the EF Research Unit at the University of Cambridge Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and EF's groundbreaking English...

14:10 Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer was talking about the connection between developing musical ability and developing linguistic ability and some of the parallels between successful musicians and successful language learners.

13:20 Interview with Sue Leather

Sue Leather was talking about graded readers and management and leadership development.

12:40 Interview with Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie describes 'Videotelling', a technique which makes use of video narratives for teacher-led storytelling in the classroom. The video clip that he describes can be seen at his website: www.lessonstream....

12:30 Jeremy Harmer interviews Vicky Saumell

Jeremy Harmer interviewed Vicky Saumell about how she encourages her students to use Web 2.0 technologies for language development and project work.

12:10 Interview with Hywel Coleman

Hywel Coleman (University of Leeds) talks about the major issues which have come out of the research he has recently overseen into the role of the English language in Francophone West Africa

12:00 Interview with Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison talks about his session on experimental practice and his role as part of the IATEFL Social Media team in the Electronic Communications Committee.

12:00 Interview with Abdoul Ka and Partha Sarathi Misra

IATEFL scholarship winners Abdoul Ka and Partha Sarathi Misra talk about the scholarship application process, experience here at the conference and what they will be taking back to teachers in India and Senegal.

Tuesday 9 April
Time Title Interview description
18:00 Interview with Paul Seligson

Paul was talking about approaches to teaching monolingual classes and the importance of using the mother tongue and techniques of contrastive analysis to support their learning.

17:50 Interview with Shaun Wilden

Shaun wilden talks about #eltchat and social networking as the starting point from teacher development.  The use of twitter and facebook groups provide an easy entry point to the work of online teacher development.

17:30 Interview with Philida Schellekens

Philida Schellekens talks about her work on language learning in the context of the workplace and vocational training.  She raises the advantage of teachers shadowing people at work to design real life language learning opportunities.

17:10 Interview with Jim Scrivener

Jim Scrivener talks about how the idea of 'Demand High' teaching has grown since its launch at IATEFL last year. He talks about the workshop he led today (which is available to watch at iateflonline) and about free materials on...

17:00 Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury, who has just written a chapter in a new collection of papers in honour of Earl Stevick (Meaningful Action, CUP) called 'The Learning Body', talks about his latest interest: embodied cognition (kinaesthetic learning, to some.)

16:10 Interview on Mark Walker

Mark Walker explains the unique partnership behind IELTS exams. He describes some of the resources available for learners (Road to IELTS) and teachers (Teach IELTs) and how partner institutions can get these resources for their learners and teachers....

15:50 Interview with Philip Prowse

Philip Prowse introduces the Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Awards and talks about the magic of reading and the power of stories to facilitate language learning.

15:30 Interview with Martin Peacock

Martin Peacock talks about his new role in developing English products for learner and teachers of English. He also mentions the British Council’s strategy towards generating revenue from its work in English.

14:50 Interview with Anna Searle

Anna Searle talks about the British Council offer to learners and teachers of English, and gives some ideas on where to access resources, as well as what to do if you want to set up a training course for you and your colleagues.

14:40 Interview with Duncan Foord

Duncan Foord talks about the use of open space for conferences, his work with the Teacher Development SIG and the role of coursebooks in teacher training and development.

14:20 Interview with Mark Hancock

Mark Hancock talks about the pronunciation SIG pre-conference event on English as a Lingua Franca, and how the phonetic details of native speaker English are unnecessary. He goes on to tell us about his presentation on receptive pronunciation and how...

13:10 Interview with Eryl Griffiths & Laxman Gnawali

Eryl Griffiths and  Laxman Gnawali were talking about scholarships and opportunities for scholars.

12:40 Interview with Chia Suan Chong, Ken Wilson and Caroline Moore

Ken Wilson,Caroline Moore, Chia Suan Chong explain the ideas behind the Failure Fest scheduled for Thursday evening at 19.00 hours which will be live streamed here. Please share your failure stories around learning and teaching with Caroline on the...

12:10 Interview with Deniz Kurtoglu Eken

Deniz Kurtoglu Eken shares her passion on personal and professional development and talks about her research on perceptions on effectiveness in different areas in ELT with a particular focus on teacher motivation.

12:10 Interview with David Crystal

David Crystal speaks about the theme of his opening plenary, explaining its title (which some had assumed contained an error), more background on blends, and managing to summarise what inspires him in his life and work in just 20 seconds!

12:00 Interview with Victoria Boobyer

Victoria Boobyer talks about the great resource ELTpics, how teachers can use the pictures in the classroom and contribute their own photographs. Victoria is presenting a workshop on the processes and planning necessary before introducing handheld...

11:50 Interview with Katie Quartano & Paul Shaw

Katie and Paul talk about their website, and their campaign to raise awareness of disability and mobility issues through its growing bank of resources.

11:10 Interview with Alan Maley

Lifetime achievement winner Alan Maley talks about the difference between preparation and preparedness and how this should be included in teacher training courses.  He also reflects on methods and approaches in the history of ELT.

Monday 8 April
Time Title Interview description
15:40 Interview with Julian Wing and Martin Heineberg from Liverpool Online Team

Martin Heineberg and Julian Wing talk about the IATEFL Online project and how it has grown over the last few years.

15:30 Interview with Kevan Cummins

Kevan Cummins talks about the new materials on LearnEnglish Kids and LearnEnglish Teens and how they are continuing to develop more mobile friendly, video based materials to fit the changes in ways children use online learning resources.

15:00 Interview with Deborah Healey

Deborah Healey talks about coming to IATEFL for the first time and some comparisons with TESOL in the US. She also talks about technology and how teachers use it as well as the influence of computer games and how they can be used in language learning...

14:50 Interview with Tim Phillips

British Council Head of Teacher Development Tim Phillips shares the many ways supports teachers around the globe through various platforms and initiatives.

14:30 Interview with Gavin Dudeney

Gavin Dudeney talks about his role in the changing face of IATEFL through technolog; the benefits of attending conferences face to face as well as how the different SIGs help connect teachers throughout the year and the ways we can exploit digital...

14:20 Interview with Carol Read

Incoming IATEFL President Carol Read talks about the responsibilities of the Vice-President including information on Publications Committee and Conference Committee and even how to get involved in these.


14:00 Interview with Eric Baber, IATEFL President

Eric Baber, President of IATEFL talks about his two year run as President, his achievements and how Teacher Associates are transforming. 

13:40 Interview with IATEFL Online team member Monika Knapkiewicz

Monica tells us about the live channels delegates and teachers are using to follow the key threads of the conference. As well as the forums, twitter, facebook and roving reporters we have a whole list of registered bloggers who you can follow for your...

12:50 Meet the Liverpool Online presenters

The team discuss the week ahead, how people at home can get involved.

Tuesday 26 March
Time Title Interview description
17:20 Welcome to IATEFL Online - interview with Eric Baber, President IATEFL

Eric Baber, IATEFL President, welcomes you to the 47th Annual Conference and Exhibition and Liverpool Online.