All the interviews we recorded at the IATEFL Conference were broadcast live from our online studio. All our video interviews are available here for you to access in your own time.

Friday 23 March
Time Title Interview description
12:50 Presenters' round up of Glasgow Online

Andi, Nik and Rob round up with what’s been happening over the last few days on Glasgow Online, including news on how many teachers have been watching all around the world!

12:30 Interview with Derek Dick (Fish)

No Abstract

11:50 Interview with Jill Hadfield

Jill talks about her session at IATEFL and also a new series of books she’s editing which aim to bridge the gap between research and classrom practice.

11:50 Interview with Valéria França

Valéria talks about the huge changes now underway in the approach to teaching English in Rio de Janeiro, influenced in part by the upcoming World Cup in 2014 and Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2016.

11:20 Interview with Richard Brown

Richard talks about the beliefs behind his new book preparing learners for IELTS writing tasks.

11:00 Interview with Rakesh Bhanot

Rakesh speaks about his work for Global Issues SIG, and also role in setting up the Language Issues newsletter for NATECLA.

10:50 Interview with David A Hill

David talks about the Literature, Media & Cultural Studies SIG and how they used literature and film based in Glasgow to focus on identities in multi-racial cultures.

Thursday 22 March
Time Title Interview description
18:00 Interview with Yafu Gong and Quiang Wang

Dave Huxtable and Shen Gang interviewing prof Yafu Gong, Director of NAFLE, China and prof Wuang Wang, Director of the Centre of English Language Teacher Education.

Dave Huxtable talks about the British Council'l education programme in China....

16:40 Interview with Keith OHare, Shen Gang, Hongde Gao and Xiao Tang Cheng

Professor Cheng talks about what he has learned about leadership and management from this year’s conference. Professor Hongde Gao, Deputy Director Shandong Provincial Teacher Research Centre talks  about his observations on young learner training and...

16:30 Interview with Anthony Gaughan

Anthony talks about giving effective feedback and giving more challenges to students.

16:00 Interview with Qiufang Wen and Xiao Tang Cheng

Prof Quifang Wen president of CELEA Beijing foreign Studies University (BFSU) and prof Xiao Tang Cheng, Dean of faculty of foreign languages and literature, Beijing Normal University (BNU) talk about their impressions of the IATEFL 2012, particularly...

16:00 Interview with Shen Gang, Liu Mangu and Zhou Liping

Professor Liu shared her experience on how to make full use of the international conference. Miss Zhou said about what she got from this event on how to inspire student on creatical thinking.

15:30 Interview with Shen Gang, Huang Ping and Huang Zhihang

Professors Huang Ping and Huang Zhihang from China discuss ESP and how technology can help improve English teaching in China

14:50 Interview with Steven L. Thorne
14:10 Interview with Eugene Schaefer

Eugene gives a practical demonstration of Psychodramaturgie Linguistique for language acquistion and discusses the background theory and how he uses this with learners. 

14:10 Interview with Hugh Dellar

Hugh speaks about the motivation behind his talk at this year’s conference - challenging some widely-held beliefs about the importance of culture in language learning

12:50 Interview with Carol Read

Young Learners teacher, teacher trainer and author Carol Read talks about the difference between teaching creatively and teaching creativity. Carol is also congratulated for being elected as IATEFL vice president

12:40 Interview with Marie Delaney

Marie talks about ways in which teachers can develop strategies to deal with  bad behaviour by spotting patterns and route causes

12:20 Interview with Tim Vicary

Extensive Reading Foundation winner, Tim shares tips and techniques for budding authors interested in writing graded readers in fiction or factfile styles.

11:50 Interview with Julia Newsome

Julia reads to us from her Extensive Reading Foundation winning title Dragon’s Eggs and highlights how learner literature can cover serious global issues.

11:40 Interview with Richard MacAndrew

Author Richard Macandrew tells us what is involved in writing learner literature from A1 upwards and gives some tips on how you can run a library and book group.

11:40 Interview with Colin Paton and Dave Rea

Colin and Dave talk about preservice training online. They explore some of the advantages of a blended learning approach to teacher training.

11:10 Interview with Barbara Sakamoto

Barbara talks about the importance for teachers to step outside their comfort zone and different ways they can use social networking for professional development.

11:10 Interview with associates: Tatijana Ivanova (Russia), Norbert Galik (Hungary)

Norbert and Tatijana talk about their teachers associations and give advice on maintaining membership and motivation.

Wednesday 21 March
Time Title Interview description
17:50 Interview with Russel Stannard

Russel shares with us techniques he uses to set speaking tasks as homework and the possibilities for peer, self and teacher assessment afterwards.

16:50 Interview with Andrew Hockley

Andy talks about giving and receiving feedback in professional development and how we can train ourselves to build a learning culture

16:50 Interview with David Heathfield

David talks about the world-stories website - a great resource of recorded stories in many languages and  resources for teachers. He even tells us a story!

15:30 Interview with Catherine Walter

Catherine talks about how to liven up grammar and the need for more focus on how we teach grammar.

15:30 Interview with David Graddol

David talks about his exploration of the changing role of English around the world and the impact that global change is having on how and when English is taught.

15:20 Interview with Hornby scholars: Awgichew Arega and Getachew Melaku Yitbarek (Ethiopia)

Awgichew Arega and Getachew Melaku Yitbarek from Ethiopia discuss their research on teacher development from both an autonomous and a structured view point.

15:10 Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott talks about the connection between Dogme and learner autonomy and also goes on to explore its relevance to task based learning.

15:00 Associates from France, Japan and Bulgaria

Representatives from Teachers’ Associations in France, Bulgaria and Japan talk about ways they are working regionally and bilaterally to improve their outreach and member services.

14:50 Interview with associates: Patricia Rose (the Netherlands), Simon Gillett (Korea) and Dimitrios Primalis (Greece)

Simon Gillett (KOTESOL), Patricia Rose (Levende Talen) and Dimitrios Primalis (Doukas School) share their experiences with their Teacher Associations and how they use social networking.

14:30 Interview with Hornby scholars: Fadhel Abdullah from Yemen, Evelin Ojeda from Venezuela and Timothy Bata Hyna from Nigeria

Fadhel Abdullah from Yemen, Evelin Ojeda from Venezuela and Timothy Bata Hyna from Nigeria share how they became Hornby scholars and the experiences they’ve had being a part of this program.

13:00 Interview with Robert Hill

Robert shares discusses the argument between authentic texts and grading classics and reads a little from one of the winners from The Extensive Reading Foundation Awards. 

9:50 Interview with Luke Meddings and Lindsey Clanfield

Lindsay and Luke talk about an innovative project to set up an ePublishing house that enables writers to publish books which would be difficult for mainstream publishers to deal with. 

Details of their session at IATEFL

Tuesday 20 March
Time Title Interview description
15:30 Interview with Erika Osvath, Jennifer Verschoor and Bruno Andrade

Jennifer, Bruno, and Erika share how they won scholarships to attend IATEFL.

15:30 Interview with Erika Osvath, Jennifer Verschoor and Bruno Andrade

Jennifer, Bruno, and Erika share how they won scholarships to attend IATEFL.

15:30 Interview with Alan Maley

Alan shares techniques for creative writing and talks about the extensive reading foundation.

15:30 Interview with Amos Paran

Amos talked about his passion for the use of literature in language teaching and the relevance of the classics in modern times. 

15:30 Interview with Willy Cardoso

Willy talks about a greater need for theory to support preservice training courses and a need for more discussion and feedback so that input is based on responses to reaching practice

14:50 Interview with Samantha Granger

Samantha Grainger, Director English for the British Council in East Asia, talks about how they are supporting learners and teachers across this rapidly developing region.

14:30 Interview with Opal Dunn

Opal Dunn talks about changes in attitudes towards teaching young learners, the importance of real books, and how teachers might learn a thing or two from parents.

14:30 Interview with Les Kirkham

Les Kirkham on how to become an IATEFL associate. For more information, can contact him at

13:00 Interview with Duncan Foord

Duncan talks about the changing needs of our learners and how teachers' roles can now move into coaching to support learning outside the classroom.

13:00 Interview with David Crystal

David talks about the changes that technology has caused in the English language and his own view of how he uses social media applications

12:30 Interview with Jim Scrivener

Jim asks teachers some thought provoking questions about their classroom management techniques and how we have to meet changing demands from students and ensure each individual has a sense of progress.

12:00 Interview with Mike Solly

Mike is involved in the English in Action project in Bangladesh, aimed at improving the English language skills of 25 million people. He talks about how the project works and the issues that arise.

11:40 Interview with Ian McMaster

Ian talks about ELF, Communicating Internationally in English and Business Spotlight International. 

11:00 Interview with Adrian Underhill


Monday 19 March
Time Title Interview description
15:10 Interview with Jamie Keddie

Jamie talks about deconstructing videos to examine complex issues in the language classroom. He also talks about quality teacher talking time.

15:00 Interview with Sirin Soyoz and Adam Simpson

Andi talks to Sirin Soyoz from the British Council and blogger Adam Simpson about the recent TeachingEnglish Blogathon held in, among other countries, Turkey.

15:00 Interview with Ilnur Minakhmetov and Victoria Ostankova

Ilnur and Victoria, both from Russia, talk about the challenges their regions - Tatarstan and Kamchatka - face in English language teaching.

14:40 Interview with Gavin Dudeney

Gavin tells us the roles he is playing this year at the IATEFL conference including his talk on the History of Learning Technologies on Wednesday where he maps the way we have used technologies with ELT techniques.

14:30 Interview with Nik Peachey

Nik talks about one of his favourite tech tools of the moment, and some of the issues he comes across when helping schools implement technological change. 

13:20 Interview with Neil Ballantyne, Mobile Learning Manager

Neil shares the British Council developments for mobile learning ranging from a project using life players (wind up radios) in Sub-Saharan Africa to android and apple applications for learners and teachers.

12:50 Interview with Chia Suan Chong

Chia Suan Chong, from IH London, talks about how her attitudes towards English as a Lingua Franca have changed following some research she conducted recently.