IATEFL Online provides online coverage of the Annual IATEFL Conference. This year's IATEFL Conference takes place in Glasgow (UK) from 4th to 7th April, 2017. Join us on Monday 3rd April for the start of our live coverage.

Once the conference is underway, the IATEFL Online website will feature live and on-demand video webcasts of conference presentations together with studio interviews with presenters and delegates. You will be able to watch all the conference plenaries live via the IATEFL Online website. See our 'live channel' for details of the live schedule.

On each day of the conference you will be able to watch live coverage from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT.

IATEFL Online provides teacher audiences worldwide with an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues before, during and after the conference.

Over 60,000 teachers followed our 2016 Birmingham IATEFL Online coverage - we hope you will be able to join us for 2017 IATEFL Online.

Each day of the conference, we will feature:

  • live and on-demand video webcasts of conference presentations. You'll be able to watch the main conference plenary sessions all live at the start of each day
  • studio interviews with presenters and conference delegates starting each morning and continuing throughout the day
  • conference reports and blog posts from the IATEFL Online team

Please let us know if there's something you'd like to see added to our conference coverage.

You mean you'd like a IATEFL Online web banner so you can encourage others to join us for IATEFL Online? Well, we've produced a selection of web banners which are available in different shapes and sizes. You can select a web banner for your blog, website or e-newsletter at: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2017/promotional-media

The hashtag for the conference is #IATEFL

If you are blogging or sharing photos/videos/slides/other materials related to this event, please tag you content #IATEFL

You can post comments on video interviews pages and on video session pages - this gives you an opportunity to share ideas with the presenters, interviewees and other online audience members. You will need to register on the site to post a message or leave a comment.

Our coverage makes it possible for teachers to watch live online coverage and get a taste of the IATEFL Conference.

If you can't attend the IATEFL Conference yourself, we invite you to watch live and on-demand video content brought to you direct from the conference - it's all free. You'll be able to watch video webcasts of conference sessions and keynotes together with studio interviews with presenters and conference delegates live. In addition, there's an opportunity to interact with teachers all over the world around key themes and conference content hosted on the IATEFL Online website.

We will film over well over 50 hours of conference content each year and make it available free, here on the IATEFL Online website. In addition to the video sessions, you will be able to watch live plenaries and live interviews each day with presenters and conference delegates. You can also watch video sessions and interviews from previous years. Access our archived sites via the links on this page > http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org

All our live video will be available via our 'Live Channel'. We will launch the IATEFL Online live channel on Monday 3rd April, 2017. You'll access the live channel via the IATEFL Online homepage.

For latest information, visit our live schedule page at: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2017/live-schedule

[More details of our live coverage and further live event coverage will be added to the live schedule page as the conference gets underway]

We provide a good selection of live and on-demand video material. You will be able to watch live interviews and the conference plenaries (or keynotes) throughout the conference. These videos will also be available for you to watch in your own time. Our live channel will be broadcasting from 09.00 to 17.00 (UK time) each day of the conference. Please visit our IATEFL Online Live Schedule page for details of our broadcast schedule: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2017/live-schedule and visit the IATEFL Online website for regular updates throughout the conference.

A Teacher Association can organise a face-to-face event where TA members are invited to come together to watch video sessions from this year's IATEFL Conference from the IATEFL Online website. These can be either 'live' sessions or sessions that are recorded and made available on-demand.

This initiative provides teacher groups and Teacher Associations with an opportunity to gather their members together for a development opportunity where they can discuss with each other the session(s) they watch.

Scheduling a local event or an informal gathering so teacher groups can come together to watch and discuss a ‘live’ session from the conference will require additional equipment and planning. You might need to provide a data show (or data projector) and make sure you have a computer link with a reliable internet connection - you'd also need to consider sound amplification.

The objective of this 'local event' initiative is to encourage teacher associations (TAs) to organise events so that TAs and their members can take full advantage of the IATEFL Online project. We are encouraging TAs to organise workshops and events either during or shortly after the IATEFL Conference. If you would like more information on setting up a local IATEFL Online event, please contact us via email iatefl.britishcouncil@googlemail.com

Each year we invite ELT bloggers to report on the IATEFL Conference and become an IATEFL Online 'Registered Blogger'. As an IATEFL Online Registered Blogger, you'll be expected to write 2 or 3 blog posts (or more if you like!) during the conference. Registered Bloggers have the opportunity to embed IATEFL Online video content and write blog reports based on the video interviews or sessions we feature as part of IATEFL Online. If you're interested, please visit our Registered Blogger page for more information: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2017/glasgow-online-registered-bloggers

In order to embed any video to your Blog you must use the special Viddler shortcode and paste it into your blog.  You can do this by copying the embed code from the share button and pasting it into notepad or basic text editor. Once done ,copy the video ID (usually consisting of numbers, text and symbols)  and paste it into Viddler shortcode [viddler id=Video ID here]

For example 

<iframe id="viddler-4de628ef" src="viddler.com/embed/4de628ef/?f=1&offset=0&autoplay=0&player=full&secret=106651953&disablebranding=0" width="545" height="349" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>

now becomes 

[viddler id=4de628ef]
You can now paste this code into your blog. For further assistance please view the the video below

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