Interview with Herbert Puchta

Interview description

Herbert talks about his talks on inputting values into languages lessons for teenagers and how to make lessons for adult learners emotionally engaging. 


Much of what GISIG centers on is indeed the teaching of values through a more focused 'curriculum of social empathy,' honing the social imagination of learners of all ages. Dimensions of what some educators, like Lawrence Kohlberg, call 'moral education.'  Critical pedagogy is centrally concerned with that. Where the broader concerns of YLTSIG and GISIG teachers as moral educators overlap. Here a new book, Kohlberg Revisited  .

Great ideas

Emotional engagement is the key to all learning-  look forward to this.

I agree with Herbert that universal generic values can be easily woven in stories  and of course moddeled in real life

After listening to the interview of Herbert Puchta, I wonder-"Can we teach values to teenagers at all as ELT practitioners?"

Little brains may be motivated by narratives and stories for pleasure and activities for FUN. They will not learn if they are being taught values that may be opposite to their family values/customs/beliefs.

However, motivational to some extent. 

students should have good character after learning something. I do agree with Herbert Puchta.