Meet our IATEFL Online 2017 Presenters

Kirsteen, Nik and Roohi

We're delighted to welcome back our presenters Kirsteen and Nik for another IATEFL Online. We would also like to welcome Roohi to the team. Our presenters will be doing live interviews from the IATEFL Online studio - starting at around 10.00am (UK time) on each day of the conference. Tune in on Monday 3rd April for the start of our live coverage from Glasgow.

If you have any questions for the team, please post a comment in the box below.






Nik Peachey

I am a freelance consultant, teacher trainer, materials writer and Co-Founder of I specialise in the development of digital materials and applications for language development. I have been involved in ELT since 1992 and have worked all over the world with companies including International House, British Council, Bell Educational Services as well as a range of UK ELT publishers. In 2012 I won a British Council Innovations Award for the Blended Learning in ELT course I designed for Bell and in 2016 I won a second Innovations Award for my ebook Digital Video - A Manual for Language Teachers which I published independently through I'm also author and editor of a range of other books and articles including Creativity in the English language classroom and Thinking Critically through Digital Media.

Kirsteen Donaghy

I'm an E-learning Consultant with the British Council. This means I manage and develop TeachingEnglish online tools for continuing professional development for teachers around the world. This is my eighth year with IATEFL Online and I absolutely love our unique experience at IATEFL as we get to discuss the headlining changes in ELT directly with the key speakers at the conference. It's a great way to taste what's going on in the conference and provide lots and lots of ideas and food for thought to teachers who couldn't make it to the conference in person.


Roohi Malik

I'm the English Projects Manager in British Council Lebanon and most of my work is involved with the British Council's response to the Syrian refugee crisis in the MENA region. I'm a regular visitor to IATEFL and I'm happy to be here this year not only as a speaker but also in my new role as an interviewer for IATEFL Online. This is going to provide me with a completely different perspective of IATEFL and also a new way to contribute to the IATEFL experience of the many teachers and educators around the world that will access and interact with IATEFL Online.


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Hi Haider Ali,

Thanks for your interest in IATEFL Online. Our LearnEnglish website has lots of activities for learning and practising more English too. 

Best wishes,


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