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TEFL is the most resound scenario these days. Why Pakistanis cant get a job across the glob? I am a teflian,and I have topped the subject through out my session. Applied many times in British Council. But never got a chance to work with them. I want to know the reason. If its not baised at all,then asians should be recruited accordingly.

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Beenish Ikhlaq

I'm sorry to hear you are facing challenges applying for TEFL jobs. The British Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the policy of equal opportunity and diversity, and expects all staff and stakeholders to share this commitment. If your application was unsuccessfull, you should be able to receive feedback from the recruiting office. Please contact them to request it.

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Monika / Manchester Online Team 

It was a pleasure to listen to the interviw of Bilal Ahmed and Arzu Daniel from Pakistan, who said that the launch of teaching and learning English on radio has been started in Pakistan only three months ago on Radio Pakistan. British Council has also started the teaching of English on Mobiles. My PhD thesis was on the same subject and I had recommened strongly to start this endeavor for the learning of English across Pakistan through radio with the co-operatoin of BBC. Kindly go through the link given below to read in detail. 

The Role of Media in the Development and Promotion in Pakistan (Kindly see the link below) 


Thank you Monica. My participation online was a wonderful academic experience.