Opening address by Carol Read

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Carol Read

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Carol Read welcomes all the delegates to the 49th Annual IATEFL Conference and Exhibition in Manchester.


The opening address was very interesting. It started with a short story which send direct message to the participants  the importance of learning of a second language.Secondly, the hard work put in by her team to make it possible for the viewers form all over the world to be thepart  this story.

such an energetic & wonderful address. As a 1st timer of digital conference participant, i think all da committee members have put a lot of work to make this historical event a memorable one! thank you!!

Tilly Harrison's picture

Great that missing the first day can be mitigated by seeing the highlights of what happened... thanks as ever to the Online team for making it possible.

Thank you ! It's great to hear what we do makes a difference :)

Best wishes

Monika / Manchester Online Team

 Really it is great pleasure and beneficial conferences and symposuims that I have ever attended .

I would like you to repeat such great thing once over again next time 

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Wonderful indeed! Thank you Carol Read and all others for making this big event happen.Though I am away from the session I will stay glued to my computer watching all the events closely.

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Thank you Carol Read for welcomimg the delegates attending the IATEFL Conference sitting in frfont of you or listening to you from far off places. It makes me nostalgic and takes me back to 2013 when I listened to you sitting in the great hall of Liverpool IATEFL Conference hall. What a passion and what a vision!. Looking forward to watching  live sessions of this greatest ELT event of the world. My best wishes to all the delegates and the organisers..

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