Welcome to IATEFL Online 2017 from Kirsteen

IATEFL Online presenter, Kirsteen Donaghy, sets the scene with a warm welcome to the 51st IATEFL conference in Glasgow. Find out all the information you need to know on how to be part of the IATEFL conference online this year. Follow the plenaries and interviews in real time, or catch up later with the recordings of sessions and interviews. Follow us and send us your questions using #IATEFL on Facebook or Twitter.



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thank you so much, im going to hashtag your iatefl 

Hi Shadi,

Thanks for joining us at IATEFL Online! We'll be starting soon with live interviews at 12.00 today UK time. Tomorrow we will be streaming the plenary live at 9.00. Over forty recorded sessions will appear on the website throughout each day of the conference.

Best wishes,


Hi! I was thinking that I would miss the conference but you people have a done a great job by making it online. Thanks a lot.........

Fazal Ur Rehman 

Karachi, Pakistan

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Hello team

A quick question - Do I need to make a request for any of the sessions that are being recorded in case I want to watch them online? I don;t see any live sessions except the morning plenary and interviews.

Awaiting to hear from you.




Hi Manisha, thanks for your question. The live plenaries are available at 9.00 UK time on each day of the conference here https://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/live. There is a live-streamed plenary coming up at 17.25 about 'Language for resilience' on that link too. Other session recordings (which are the videos on demand) are uploaded each day for you to watch throughout the conference. We hope you enjoy IATEFL Online!


its really awesome 





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