Friday 7 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
13:10 Clyde Auditorium Plenary session by Imtiaz Dharker Imtiaz Dharker
11:00 Alsh 2 Helping pre-service native UK TESOL teachers with knowledge about grammar Rhian Webb
11:00 Clyde Motivational teaching: engaging young people in learning behaviours Nicholas Thorner
10:20 Alsh 2 Integrating plurilingual practices in ELT in a superdiverse world Angelica Galante
10:20 Clyde Let's listen to the learners Brian Tomlinson
9:00 Clyde Auditorium Plenary session by Jane Setter Jane Setter
Thursday 6 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
19:30 Forth Extensive Reading Foundation Reception and Awards Ceremony JJ Wilson
16:40 Alsh 2 Joined-up thinking in ELT reform Jamilya Gulyamova, Rod Bolitho, Rosaliya Ziryanova, Saida Irgasheva
16:40 Clyde TELC Signature Event Myriam Schleiss, Sybille Plassmann, Sean McDonald, Nadine Knippenberg
14:30 Gala 1 How to become a teacherpreneur? Marina Kladova
14:00 Alsh 2 Creating a quality assurance programme for ELT Simon Brewster
14:00 Gala 1 51+ years in English language teaching Briony Beaven
12:00 Alsh 2 How communication psychology can make us better teachers Julia Warner
12:00 Forth Easier said than done: using mobile phones for a test Adrian Raper, Sean McDonald
10:50 Alsh 2 Support for managers; better together Sarah Bryan
10:20 Alsh 2 Journeys into the unknown: my first year as a DoS Shanel Summers
10:20 Clyde Teaching young learners: all just fun and games? Marianne Nikolov, David Nunan, Antonella Sorace, Piotr Steinbrich, Ipek Bulduk Cooley
9:00 Clyde Plenary session by JJ Wilson JJ Wilson
Wednesday 5 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
18:00 Alsh 2 The elephant in the classroom: exploring learner engagement Stephanie Xerri Agius
17:20 Alsh 2 Attachment in the young learners classroom: overcoming silence and reticence Nathan Thomas
17:20 Clyde New Oriental Signature Event Zhou Cheng Gang, Jim Scrivener, Wang Jun
16:20 Alsh 2 Teaching well-being to teens Rachael Harris
15:10 Alsh 2 Strategies for speaking tests: corpus-based tips for preparing students Gemma Bellhouse, Alex Thorp
15:10 Clyde Developing teacher talk Jamie Keddie
14:10 Gala 1 Raising teaching quality & learner satisfaction in an ELT programme Ryan Parmee
12:20 Carron 2 The view of the child in an ELT context Gail Ellis, Nayr Ibrahim
10:50 Forth In one ear and out the other: does feedback work?
10:20 Gala 1 Testing times! My 40 years’ experience of ELT in Germany Diana Metzner
10:20 Forth Managing student confidence and expectations in mixed level IELTS classes Clare Walsh, Lindsay Warwick
9:00 Clyde Auditorium Plenary session by Sarah Mercer Sarah Mercer
Tuesday 4 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
17:30 Forth Outside in: bringing new technology perspectives to ELT Geoff stead, Donald Clark, Paul Driver, Yvonne Rogers
17:20 Clyde British Council Signature Event Moderator: Catherine Walter, Syrian Refugee Stakeholders (names to be confirmed)
15:20 Clyde Writing methodology texts: bridging the research/practice gap Scott Thornbury
14:30 Gala 1 Building fluency and comprehension in dyslexic readers Julia Koifman
14:30 Clyde Not again? A new revised edition of Practical English Usage Michael Swan
14:20 Alsh 2 Making pronunciation an integral part of your classroom practice Mark McKinnon, Nicola Meldrum
12:00 Forth A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholars' presentation Sagun Shrestha, Oumar Moussa Djigo, Noel Franco, Maricarmen Gamero, Komila Tangirova, Jayantha Ratnayake, Tran Phan, Mirian Fuhr, Saifa Haque, Julius Onen Okot Daniel, Betelhem Tsehayu, Mehdi Gholikhan
12:00 Clyde ELT Journal Debate Peter Medgyes, Alessia Cogo
9:00 Clyde Auditorium Plenary session by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli