TELC Signature Event

Session description

Myriam Schleiss
Sybille Plassmann
Sean McDonald
Nadine Knippenberg

Session details:

Who watches the Watchmen? Assessing the Assessors

TELC – language tests has gathered an academic panel to explore the world of assessment from the inside. We will consider various ethoses used by the different exam boards and how these are then drawn together by national and international accreditation bodies and agreements. We will examine the value of exams and to exactly whom they are valuable. We will also consider the different modes an exam board uses for gaining credibility. We will look at internal and external factors which precipitate participation. Also, we will examine cultural bias and how to proactively prevent this in test development. We will look into these issues and discuss and ask the following:

  • Modes of assessment
  • What is being assessed?
  • Who does the assessment?
  • Who decides they can?
  • Life of an examiner
  • Practical skills or linguistic hoops?
  • Teaching a language or teaching a test?

This is designed to be interactive and will include a Question and Answer period.

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