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Sarah Bryan

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Whether you're a new manager, in a new location, or an old-timer, an association of like-minded people in similar positions provides support, guidance and opportunities for sharing ideas. This talk examines how to set up and / or get the most from a local professional network, based on my experience of creating an academic managers’ association in the UK.

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Dear Sarah

Thank you for the session and for sharing the ideas generously. I wish I could be present in the session and participate in the discussions. Here in Ukraine I have been trying to take off a similar organisation of managers between October 2016 and now, and am determined to continue in the new year. If it is possible to get in touch with you, would be great. My e-mail is [admin: we have removed this email address] and I am @ZhenyaDnipro on Twitter. Hope we can be in touch! Zhenya

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