Creating a quality assurance programme for ELT

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Simon Brewster

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Every institution is interested in quality assurance for its English teachingprogrammes. In the Anglo Mexican Foundation, we recently introduced a new quality assurance programme based on more frequent observations of teachers using a newly-designed set of criteria and linked to a mentor support system. This talk will examine the different elements of the QAP and analyse its impact.

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In Maharashtra our state government has been implementing mentorship project with  British Council's partnership.Now our teachers are applying new techniques in their classroom..The ELISS project for secondary teachers and ELIPS/TEJAS4EDU is for primary teachers has brought good quality in teaching learning process,Teachers become more conscious about their CPD.This session is useful for us in that sense as it is related with our situations.It is the need of time,if it is managed properly it will be beneficial for all teachers and supportive to fulfil our specified requirments.

Great Thanks I definitely preferred ETL.

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