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Will it blend? Insightful presentation by Eftychris Kantarakis from Grece

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Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 10:26

This was an insightful presentation by Eftychris Kantarakis who focused on three main point:

  • What is blended learning?
  • Ten reasons why we should blend
  • Useful apps and tools for new blenders

Plenary full of food for thought!

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Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Wed 5 Apr, 08:48

The plenary session going on right now has already given the audience a lot of food for thought!Sarah Mercer has been talking about the importance of being psychologically wise teachers. 

It can be scary and motivating to be aware that we make the difference to our students everyday.

It's important to create good rapport with our students. As language teachers we are already interested in people and communication, but it's necessary to pay attention to it in the classroom.

Early birds in the How to write for ELT magazines session

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Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Wed 5 Apr, 07:38

It's on right now the insightful session on how to get articles published in ELT magazines, such as the IATEFL Voices. Many participants are attending the session and getting tips such as on where tu publish (suggestions on the image shared).

So far, I learned that it's very important to contextualise our work, mentioning our context, who the students are, and link our research to the idea of the others. 

What these magazines are mostly interested in is on real-life practices, and the results that came out from the research.

Experiencing teacher development through tasks

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Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Wed 5 Apr, 00:49


The teacher and teacher trainer Ana Garcia-Stone shared her experience with 'Teacher development through discussion of tasks exploring classroom practice' on Tuesday afternoon. 

After noticing a gap in her working context, Ana developed a course based on Action Research, aiming at helping teachers to fulfill their needs, understand their practices and reflect about them, before taking any actions to change. 

The power of images to develop global competence

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Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Tue 4 Apr, 22:55


Today's session on 'Developing global competence in ELT' was very well ministrared by Ceri Jones and Ben Goldstein, who provided the audience with useful ideas for teachers to help students develop their global competence, critical thinking and empathy towards the others.

CPD and Networking for Iranian Teacher Trainers

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Tue 4 Apr, 18:14

Today, as part of the wonderful series of presentations, the "CPD and networking for Iranian teacher trainers using Moodle" session was interesting to the particpants. I have interviewd with Margot Arthr from the British Council who attended the session.

Question: Hello. Which part of the conferece have you found interesting so far?