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Access the USA programme

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 03:47

The program 'Access' is targetted at the disadvantaged youth from 80 countries and focus on making them knowledgeable of English language to open their access to the world. The audience was excited to know that this is a  micro scholarships program. Its a great opportunity for the English teachers also to make a partnership with their respective U.S embassy in their countries to become involved in this program. The presenters were Jennifer Uhler and Jesse Kiendl. The session was held at 3.15-3.45 p.m at Dochart 1 in IATEFL venue. Information can be accessed from this email.

Achieving phonology's potential in the ELT classroom

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 03:27

Anna Bartosik is an EAP teacher from Canada. She is working at Sheridan college. She said she was really excited about the presentation of Adam Scott. It was the effect of phonology in improving all 4 skills of English language teaching. The session was at 3.15-3.45 p.m at Boisdale1. It was exciting to her to come to know that phonology has an effect on reading and writing in addition to speaking and listening.

How the tiger got its stripes: teaching life skills to children

Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 22:55

During her presentation on how and why teachers should integrate life skills into their teaching Carol Read said, “we are not only English teachers for our students. We are their educators responsible for adjusting their better future as human beings.” She stated, one of the supreme importance of teaching students’ life skill through their English lessons is to help them take responsibility to find the direction of their own lives.

IATEFL Teacher Training & Education SIG Open Forum

Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Wed 5 Apr, 22:13

Wednesday's final TTEd SIG Day event was a vibrant Q & A session with George Pickering as the session moderator and Donald Freeman, Sue Leather and Silivia Richardson as facilitators. The facilitators shed light on some of the Teacher Education and Development issues of the participants, especially "How to become an effective Teacher educator".

From English Teacher to Business Owner

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Wed 5 Apr, 16:53

The session which was conducted by Heather Hansen the speech and Communication specialist from Global Speech Academy at Alsh 1 in Loch suite was very demanding. The room was full of ELT specialists from all parts of the world. It was focused on English teaching as a multi-billion global industry even though most teachers struggle financially. She gave practical options for teachers such as discovering teaching niche, defining target market and shifting mindset if anyone wants to become a successful business owner.

Help IELTS test takers manage their time

Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 16:44

Sometimes failure in IELTS is not all about not knowing the answers or not having the appropriate proficiency level the test requires.  It has a lot to do with managing the time given during the test as well. Louis Rogers, from the University of Reading, drawing on ideas from a book he co-authored, entitled, ‘IELTS Intensive: a short course to IELTS success’ addressed the issue of time management in IELTS in his presentation today.

IELTS Short courses: Strategies for prioritisation by Louis Rogers

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 15:43

This session was a presentation of Louis Rogers and Nick Thorner’s book entitled: A short course for IELTS success.

Louis Rogers talked about seven ways to help IELTS candidates to pass the test and guide them throughout the preparation, which is daunting for many non-native English speakers.

Develop Teacher Talk

Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Wed 5 Apr, 14:49

Jamie Keddie, during his session on "Develop Teacher Talk" deconstructed the image of Teacher Talk Time from something negative to constructive.

Language learner and teacher psychologies: Great plenary session by Sarah Mercer at Clyde auditorium with 3000 audience

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Wed 5 Apr, 11:15

Sarah Mercer really captivated the audience at Clyde auditorium this morning. She raised the crucial topic on learner and teacher psychology by addressing the need for teachers to build a genuine relationship with their learners. She emphasised the pivotal role of teachers as people who are psychologically wise and who know how to make a difference in their learners' lives.

Be a psychologically wise teacher

Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Wed 5 Apr, 10:46

In her plenary session today, Sarah Mercer addressed the crowd on the importance of building a healthy relationship with students as a way not only to motivate students but to sustain the motivation of teachers themselves as well.