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Does the English Language really matters? A Study of Everest Region

Sagun Shrestha's picture

Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Thu 6 Apr, 22:38

Jeevan Karki, a teacher trainer and researcher from Nepal delivered his talk on ‘English Medium Instruction (EMI) in Nepal: A study of Everest Region’ in which he explored the reasons for the shift in medium of instruction particularly in public schools in  Nepal and its perceived potential challenges. He stated that EMI was introduced in 2005 in Everest region of Nepal. Nevertheless, it seems there is less planning and preparation and no clear EMI guidelines to systematize the practice.  He claims that there is a huge contradiction between policy and practice.

Plenary session on 6th April

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Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Thu 6 Apr, 19:57

J.J. Wilson the amazing teacher trainer, a writer, a researcher and the award winner of the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union Prize for the best book of 2011 was the speaker.It was inspiring to know what education means. According to him ' All education is what we bring into the classroom as teachers'. 'Education is transformation, not a memory bank'. He stressed the importance of the social justice in the classroom. What is social justice then? It's the variety of approaches such as using images to teach, using poetry, using drama, using stories etc.

A Mooc for monitoring teacher CPD

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Thu 6 Apr, 15:44

Despite the abundant opportunities of different CPD undertakings individual teachers take part in, the idea of monitoring and keeping a record of the teachers’ CPD reflection is somehow challenging in different contexts. Clare Haward during her presentation today, introduced a securely created online platform (Mooc) for teachers which allows teachers to showcase their CPD activities. This Mooc, highly secured for registered teachers only is available at www.

Children and teachers as co-researchers

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Submitted by Mehdi Gholikhan on Thu 6 Apr, 15:00

Annamaria Pinter form the University of Warwick shared the project findings that was funded by the British Council in collaboration with Rama Mathew from University of Delhi. There were interesting reactions in the beginning of the project as follows:

What a great plenary to start off the day!

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Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Thu 6 Apr, 14:08

In sum, JJ Wilson talked about teaching social justice in the classroom in his plenary, engaging the whole audience with his wonderful talk.He mentioned that at the beginning of his career he needed theory to support his teaching. The book he came across with, and that he suggests every teacher to read, was 'Pedagogy of the Opressed', by the inspiring Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.

JJ Wilson shared some information about Paulo Freire and the content of his book. He mentioned the 'banking' concept, that refers to the teacher as depositers of knowledge into students' brains.

Symposium: Teacher-research for difficult circumstances

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Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 13:38

This symposium aimed at raising several issues related to teacher-research in difficult circumstances. Richard Smith, Paula Rebolledo, Michelle Evans, Asli Lidice Gokturk, Harry Kucha Kucha, and Anna Maria Pinter gave insightful highlights of the issue.

‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’: ELT and social Justice

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Submitted by Betelhem Taye on Thu 6 Apr, 12:55

In his splendid plenary session today, JJ Wilson talked about the teaching of social justice issues in English language classes. ‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’, the book written by educator Paulo Freire, which proposes a pedagogy with a new relationship between teacher, student, and society was the center of his talk.

Teaching life skills to to Children: Outstanding session by Carol Read at Argyll 1

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Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 12:47

Throughout her presentation, the inspiring, enthusiastic and dynamic presenter Carol Read shared great ideas on how English language teachers can integrate life skills into their teaching to make a significant difference to learners' lives.

Understanding English language teachers' associations in Sub-Saharan Africa by Liana Hyde and Abayneh Haile

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Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 10:17

Abayneh and liana talked about the creation of a networking system between sixteen English language teachers' associations in Sub-Saharan Africa inclluding countries like Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, Cameroun among many others. They mainly focused on the benefits for these associations to get together in order to collaborate and learn from each other. Among the sixteen countries, Senegal and Tanzania have the most important number of members (1000) due to their capacity to extend their branches in the different regions. 

ELT and social justice: opportunities in a time of chaos: Inspiring plenary session by J J Wilson at Clyde auditorium

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Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Thu 6 Apr, 09:52

J J Wilson's talk captivated all teachers and ELT practitioners who attended today's plenary session. With a great scene presence and an innate art to articulate his thoughts, he interacted with the audience throughout the different ways that social justice can be brought in the classroom. He started the session with wonderful icebreakers to set up the scene by sharing his own experience as a teacher who wanted to engage his learners.