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Time for some poetry

Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Fri 7 Apr, 12:51

 After a very productive and busy week, now it's time to relax for a while listening to some beautiful poetry.

Grown in Glasgow, the poet, artist and documentary film-maker Imtiaz Dharker is reading some of her beautiful poems from her book 'Over the Moon'.

At the beginning of her session, she said that children are great at experimenting with words, they are naturally creative, and very often like poetry. However, they might forget it when growing older. Then teachers, she said, have the power to open the door for poetry again! 

Motivational teaching: Engaging young people in learning behaviours by Nick Thorne

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Fri 7 Apr, 10:39

As a wonderful entertainer, Nick started his show by offering chocolates to the audience who cheered and salivated at such a motivational starter. 

A good point to start his talk was to highlight that motivation is strong when predicted rewards are:

  • Highly likely
  • Happening soon
  • More worrying than alternative sanctions

Are you ready to reconstruct your identities?

Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Fri 7 Apr, 10:12

Ashok Sapkota, a teacher educator from western part of Nepal, currently working at Tribhuvan University, Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Reconstructing teachers’ identity through differentiated instruction’ in which he highlighted the major areas of identity construction such as, academics, personal rapport, institutional support, dress code, continuous professional development, blending of diverse pedagogy along technology, etc.

Learners' voice and video recordings as homework: might be helpful? by

Submitted by Oumar Moussa Djigo on Fri 7 Apr, 10:09

This session focused on using recordings to encourage our learners to do homework. 

The last How to... sessions

Submitted by Mirian Fuhr on Fri 7 Apr, 09:48

Room full for the very useful session on how to become a teacher trainer.

Nowadays, there's the CPD Framework for Teacher Educators (British Council) that helps guiding the work and stablishing the competencies for Teachers of Teachers, according to Silvana Richardson.

She reinforced that there are differences between being a teacher and being a teacher of teachers, such as, observing lessons for development and assessment purposes, getting involved in workshops, helping teachers to plan development, using appropriate interventions.

Where angels fear to tread-Isn't it for non-natives then?

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 09:48

The plenary session was the only pronunciation session which was attracted by many. Her singing and dancing made the session live. It was interesting to come to know that the turning point of pursuing pronunciation in the English language of her career as a teacher is the film'My fair lady'. I was relieved to come to know that it was alright to be intelligible in speaking English rather than be very accurate in suprasegmental features. Thank you, Jane Setter the professor at the University of Reading.

Second language input,working memory and dyslexia

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 06:02

 It's inspiring to know that there are options to teach even for students who are identified with dyslexia. The research findings were feasible and field tested. The session that was in Dochart 1 on 6th of April at 4.45 p.m was really exciting. The ways of expanding the working memory of such students will be a great news for teachers who teach special needy students. Thank you, Dr. Bimali Indraratna from the university of Lancaster. 

IATFEL is the best event in my life

Submitted by Jayantha Ratnayake on Fri 7 Apr, 05:41

'I came the long way actually from Argentina with my family. I am really excited to attend this conference. It's a dream for me to be with such a self-motivated ELT crowd. This is the best event I have ever experienced in my professional life.'  I am  Flor de Maria Montoya Lopez from Universidad National de la Patagonia.

Mobile Learning: Where are we now?

Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Fri 7 Apr, 00:23

Through her very comprehensive presentation, Vaishali Pradhan, the Programmes Manager, British Council Nepal highlighted the attempts made through Teachapp to sustain impact on Nepali teachers’ personal and professional learning. She said that to enable teacher trainers and teachers to use this app in teacher training as well as language teaching and learning, one hundred and twenty-five master trainers working under the three-year project of British Council, Nepal are training across Nepal.

Musical Blending: An Innovative Classroom Technique!

Submitted by Sagun Shrestha on Thu 6 Apr, 23:18

Khemraj Sharma, a teacher from Eastern Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Musical Blending of Native and English language for better learning’. He demonstrated how the marginalized students studying in Nepali (native language) medium school of elementary level have enriched their English language proficiency by blending English language with native musical flavor. He showed how students could grasp content using this method which includes composing English songs focusing on linguistic elements in Nepali beats and songs.