Musical Blending: An Innovative Classroom Technique!

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Khemraj Sharma, a teacher from Eastern Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Musical Blending of Native and English language for better learning’. He demonstrated how the marginalized students studying in Nepali (native language) medium school of elementary level have enriched their English language proficiency by blending English language with native musical flavor. He showed how students could grasp content using this method which includes composing English songs focusing on linguistic elements in Nepali beats and songs.

During his classes, Mr. Sharma would play some native songs on which he supplemented the English language pattern in the beats and tune of the native song thereby creating beautiful and catchy songs to teach days of week, months in a year, differentiating consonants sound and vowels and so on. He found this technique useful for language teaching in the presentation, he emphasized on creating a bond and sense of proximity to English language for teaching non-native children effectively. He said that children of non-English speaking country feel alien and boring of being taught in a traditional way. To tackle such problem, he claims creating some bond to English language linking with native language makes English fun to learn and for this, music has power. 

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