The last How to... sessions

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Room full for the very useful session on how to become a teacher trainer.

Nowadays, there's the CPD Framework for Teacher Educators (British Council) that helps guiding the work and stablishing the competencies for Teachers of Teachers, according to Silvana Richardson.

She reinforced that there are differences between being a teacher and being a teacher of teachers, such as, observing lessons for development and assessment purposes, getting involved in workshops, helping teachers to plan development, using appropriate interventions.

However, it is extremely important to identify what is necessary to improve as a teacher of teachers, do self-assessment and find out where we are regarding the teacher of teachers' competencies and plan what can be done to move forward. It was mentioned that there are formal ways, through accredited courses, for example, and informal ways for development, like readings, webinars, mentoring. There are several resources, e.g. websites ( and books available. 

Silvana Richardson also suggested that it is necessary to become visible, maybe it would be important to do a teacher trainer course, develop face-to-face and online networking, notice the needs around by being alert and offer help, aiming at creating a good impression.

It was a very helpful session.

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