IATEFL Teacher Training & Education SIG Open Forum

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Wednesday's final TTEd SIG Day event was a vibrant Q & A session with George Pickering as the session moderator and Donald Freeman, Sue Leather and Silivia Richardson as facilitators. The facilitators shed light on some of the Teacher Education and Development issues of the participants, especially "How to become an effective Teacher educator".

Donald Freeman's basic message suggested that in order to deliver proper training, Teacher Trainers should always rely on what they observe in the context This means that they should work with evidence and data.

Sue Leather suggested that Teacher Educators need to consider the following tips:

  • Understand needs and context: In this regard they should do some research and ask the right questions from teachers;
  • Always be learning: They should provide a model for teachers. They should also reflect on their work and help teachers reflect;
  • Be confident: They can get confidence by careful planning, doing research and believe that they can change.

Silvana Richardson suggested that good Teacher Educators own the following characteristics:

  • They always have healthy self-doubt: it means that they always try to reflect and find better ways of doing things;
  • They work through the existences: it suggests that they can work with what they have;
  • They have a geniune and deep acceptance of others.

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