Children and teachers as co-researchers

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Annamaria Pinter form the University of Warwick shared the project findings that was funded by the British Council in collaboration with Rama Mathew from University of Delhi. There were interesting reactions in the beginning of the project as follows:

  • The activiuty brought the best out of each child in that learning happened in a joyous fashion and involved the hesitant ones;
  • Teachers didn't interfere and there was free expression and they liked it because their own peers were directing the activities
  • Teachers' persperctive to teaching changed from prisciptive to learner-centred

Moreover, there were outstanding outcomes to techers by the end of the project as follows:

  • Children are best teachers;
  • Respecting and giving them space is important;
  • Children perform better when teacher is invloved in the learning process;
  • Children accepted anything ready-made;
  • Children have more choice and voice;
  • There was no hierarchy and everyone was at comfort level.

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