Are you ready to reconstruct your identities?

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Ashok Sapkota, a teacher educator from western part of Nepal, currently working at Tribhuvan University, Nepal delivered a talk on ‘Reconstructing teachers’ identity through differentiated instruction’ in which he highlighted the major areas of identity construction such as, academics, personal rapport, institutional support, dress code, continuous professional development, blending of diverse pedagogy along technology, etc. He shared the success stories of 10 university level EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers from Nepal having experience of 10-35 years of teaching in the different universities. He claimed that the reconstruction of teacher identity is a must to adapt oneself with the diverse level of learners.  He further added that the changing times and the changing trends continuously changes the identity of a teacher.

This presentation focused on reconstruction of EFL teachers in their social, professional and institutional identities which affect their work and the culture they live in. The findings elicited from narratives revealed that the identity of the teachers depends upon 3 Cs (Content, Confidence and Continuation) as a whole in shaping professional identity. The professional networking made by the selected teachers involved in this research was a strong tool to develop their professional identity around the globe. The personal rapport and the dress code (e.g., formal, informal and casual) in Oriental society (the  plays an important role in shaping social idenity.The nominal support from the institution was found among the teachers. Despite having such condition, the teachers explored on their own to shape their institutional identity in their works, presentations and writings in home and abroad. 

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