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Plenary session by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli


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Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as writer, researcher, administrator and teacher educator. He got his BA in TESOL in Uruguay and completed Master’s and Doctoral work at the University of Bath in the UK. He has acted as consultant for international organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, the European Union, the Inter-American Development Bank, the US Department of State and the World Bank. A frequent presenter at local and international conferences, Gabriel has shared his theory-in-practice with colleagues in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He currently lives in Uruguay where he is tenured professor of TESOL Methods at the National Teacher Education College.

Empowering teachers through continued professional development: frameworks, practices and promises

The notion that language teachers need ongoing professional development opportunities should be considered a harmless platitude. Yet, as the field stands now, most of our colleagues are not provided with such opportunities as parts of their jobs. How is it then that we hear so many wonderful tales of exploration and discovery? Teachers have taken upon themselves to build these growth opportunities. In this plenary I will share some stories, and weave the plots of new stories to come by presenting a “state of the art” hawk eye view of professional development and recommending potential ways in which colleagues can help colleagues learn and develop.

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Thank you Gabriel . It was really an interesting presentation. We all are in need of on-going development. Self-development and institutional development both have different objectives but the one that gets the benfites is the teacher and then his community. Deleopment helps one to feel more self satisfied and to be  confident. It helps us to know our reality without using make-up and to plan our outcomes.

Tons of thanks to you Gabri-Gabo-Gabriel. You really help to open fields and ways of continuous development not only for treachers, but also for institutions where we have the chance to do our job and that's a good point, to compel institutions to provide teachers of the best improvement and professional development opportunities. Learning and development are universal trends, even by unconscious inertia. Interaction and cooperation are part of the dynamics of cosmic creation and self-realization. Things like these are what I've rescued and re-learned from your state of the art presentation. Cheers dearest Teacher-Colleague!

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Empower the teachers and they will empower the students. 

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The thought that dialect instructors require progressing proficient improvement openings ought to be viewed as an innocuous axiom. However, as the field stands now, a large portion of our associates are not given such open doors as parts of their occupations. How is it then that we hear such huge numbers of brilliant stories of investigation and revelation? Educators have volunteered construct these development openings. However, I try to get edubirdie but there will be sound more valuable content here.

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