All the interviews we recorded at the IATEFL Conference were broadcast live from our online studio. All our video interviews are available here for you to access in your own time.

Friday 7 April
Time Title Interview description
11:30 Interview with Rasha Halat

Rasha talks about her session using TED-Ed, sharing her experience using the platform for multi-skilled lessons that start with a short video (not necessarily a TED talk), has the tools to create interactive exercises and then delves deeper into...

11:20 Interview with Mirian Fuhr

Mirian talks about her Hornby Scholarship at Warwick University and the problems Brazilian teachers have with low self confidence.

11:00 Interview with Katia Yabar and Dennys Barrios

Dennys and Katia tell us how they and their colleagues won places at the conference by telling their stories in a competition Champion teachers Peru.

10:50 Interview with Jane Setter

Jane talks about her plenary on pronunciation and the importance of focus and identifying the meaning focus within the utterance.

Thursday 6 April
Time Title Interview description
16:50 Interview with Michelle Evans and Asli Lidice Göktürk Sağlam

Michelle and Asli talk about their work in supporting classroom based teacher-research with a network of teachers in the TESOL Electronic Village Online.

16:30 Nik and Kirsteen Discuss CPD

Nik and Kirsteen talk about CPD and how they develop themselves professionally and ensure they keep up to date.

16:20 Jeremy Harmer interviews Carol Lethaby

Today's second special guest host, Jeremy Harmer, interviews Carol Lethaby about debunking neuroscience myths in language learning theory.

15:30 Scott Thornbury interviews Angelos Bollas

Special guest host Scott Thornbury talks to Angelos Bollas about representation of LGBT people in teaching materials, and the impact that can have on LGBT learners.

15:20 Interview with Alison Medland

Alison talks about what she has learned from 19 years of organising international conferences. She gives some useful tips and advice for would-be organisers.

15:00 Interview with Thorsten Merse

Thorsten talks about how LGBT issues are making their way into the classroom and how greater inclusivity can be encouraged in ELT and across the curriculum.

14:30 Interview with Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie talks about the challenges of being president of IATEFL and the processes of moving from president to vice president.

14:20 Interview with Jocelyn Wang

Jocelyn talks about the challenges of using the communicative language approach in China and with Chinese students. She also talks about the importance of English in China especially for students who want to study abroad.


14:00 Interview with Mehdi Gholikhan

Mehdi, a Hornby Scholar from Iran, talks about his work in teacher training and his focus on motivation. He also talks about the importance of learning English in Iran

13:50 Interview with Sarah Sahr

Sarah talks about recent research into the future of the English teaching profession.

12:50 Interview with Letizia Cinganotto & Heike Philp

Letizia and Heike talk about a teacher training project that encourages teachers to build language learning games in the 3D virtual worlds sim.

12:30 Interview with Hugh Dellar

Hugh talks about how reviewing the way you teach vocabulary can influence how your learners build an understanding of and retain grammar rules. Colligation is the study of grammatical patterns that frequently go with particular words.

12:20 Interview with Joseph Field

Joseph talks about the work of the British Council in Jordan and the work they do helping refugees to learn English as a way to help them into University.

12:00 Interview with Anna Young

Anna talks about her classroom research using ten minute writing activities to engage learners. Her approach includes involving learners in choosing the topics, agreeing success criteria and individual feedback. Learners responded really well to this...

11:50 Interview with Alison Barrett

Alison talks about the work of the EDGE project and how the British council works with partner organisations to help teenage girls develop their English and digital literacy skills.

11:30 Interview with Tyson Seburn

Tyson tells us about the Teacher Development SIG online Carnival, a day for professional development supported through social media. The carnival is in January, but you can join the TD SIG discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

11:00 Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott takes us through how language practice activities and ELT terminology have changed over the past two decades as he releases new editions of About language- tasks for teachers of English and An A - Z of ELT. This includes how he...

10:50 Interview with JJ Wilson

JJ Wilson talks about his plenary presentation and issues of social justice in language teaching. He also talks about the need to be resilient and to continue to fight for change even in dark times.

Wednesday 5 April
Time Title Interview description
16:50 Interview with Nick Bilbrough, Shereen Irziquat and Salam Affouni

Nick Bilbrough, Shereen Irziquat and Salam Affouni talk about their work with teachers in Gaza and their talks about their experiences in IATEFL. Nick and Salam talk about their experience as British Council trainers in Gaza and Shereen...

16:40 Interview with David Nunan

David Nunan talks about the issues involved in how to decide at which age to start learning a second language. He also talks about blended learning and how technology can help younger students to become more  autonomous learners.

16:30 Interview with Kieran Donaghy

Kieran Donaghy talks about the creative circle, a teachers’ network for those interested in using visual arts in the classroom. Ideas vary from using the teacher’s art to helping learners make their own short feature films. This is also...

16:00 Interview with Geoff Stead

Geoff Stead was talking about some of the innovations in new technology that are changing the way languages can be taught and assessed. He also talked about some of the obstacles to technological development in the ELT industry.  

15:30 Interview with Dr Maha Shuyab

Dr Maha Shuyab, Director of the Centre for Lebanese studies in the Lebanese American University talks about her participation in the British Council’s Language for Resilience event...

15:20 Interview with Graham Hall

Graham Hall shares discussions from the ELTJ Debate on whether English as a Lingua Franca is interesting for researchers but not important for teachers and learners with speakers Peter Medgyes and Alessia Cogo.

15:20 Interview with Jonathan Marks

Jonathan talks about ambiguity in English language and the inspiration round his session yesterday exploring the humorous and awkward side of ambiguity in English pronunciation,...

15:00 Interview with Jonathan Bygrave

Jonathan talks about how to get into course book writing and the difficulties of creating your own app.

14:30 Interview with Gail Ellis

Gail  talks about how teachers’ views of children influence their teaching and teaching training. She shares her research and thoughts on the use of the United Nation declaration...

14:00 Interview with Rob Howard

Rob talks about being a BE SIG scholar and the difficulties of becoming a business English teacher. He also talks about his free resource sea on and why he go into independent publishing.

12:50 Interview with Lindsay Clandfield and Jill Hadfield

Lindsay Clandfield and Jill Hadfield talk about different kinds of online interaction and techniques that encourage learners to interact with each other in line courses.

12:30 Interview with Sandy Millin

Sandy Millin, curator of the new IATEFL blog talks about and how IATEFL members can get involved, trained, add and make use of the content. Further information about the blog can be found at blog@iatefl...

12:20 Interview with Bourahla Djelloul

Bourahla talks about his session on drama and winning the IATEFL scholarship for Africa. He also talks about the status of English in Algeria.

12:00 interview with Peter Medgyes and Susan Holden

Peter Medgyes and Susan Holden talk about the ELT journal debate on the value of English as a lingua franca and the relevance to teachers and learners. They also spoke about the timely revision of Peter’s book The Non Native Teacher and how this...

11:50 Interview with Adrian Underhill

Adrian Underhill talks about pronunciation and a few tips for loosening up the muscles of the mouth. He also talks about the the origins of the first IATEFL sig.

11:30 Interview with Richard Smith & Shelagh Rixon

Shelagh and Richard discuss their publication History of IATEFL. The organization has an interesting story from the small group of founders to the tens of thousands joining us online now. The book looks back but will help today's members look forwards...

11:00 Interview with David Crystal

David crystal talks about his latest book on the glamour of grammar and the impact of Brexit on the English language.

10:50 Interview with Sarah Mercer

Sarah Mercer, Professor of English Language, University of Graz, Austria talks about her plenary session on language learning and teacher psychology where she describes teachers as the place where magic takes place in education and talks about her...

Tuesday 4 April
Time Title Interview description
16:30 2017 A.S. Hornby Scholars

Bethlehem Tsehayu, Oumar Moussa Djigo, Sagun Shrestha, Hornby scholars from Warwick University, share their research in continuing professional development and ICT and the work their teaching associations and networks do.

16:30 Interview with Julie Wallis

Julie talks about the importance of leadership & school management and gives real life examples of her work managing schools in both the UK and Italy as well as her top tips for educators who want to develop leadership and school management skills...

16:20 Interview with Tim Phillips

Tim talks about the challenges involved in ensuring that teacher numbers and standards remain high despite the future demands being placed on education systems around the world.

16:00 Interview with Alan maley

Alan talks about his recent publication Integrating global issues in the creative classroom: with reference to the United Nations sustainable development goals providing materials for creative lessons on global issues. Alan also discusses how teachers...

15:20 Interview with Neil Ballantyne and Martin Peacock

Martin Peacock and Neil Ballantyne talk about the collection and analysis of data and what they can learn about user behaviour from monitoring key analytics

15:00 Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy talks about teaching and coursebooks in the future. He reflects on how English language teachers need to look ahead, challenge assumptions around teaching and prepare for disruptions to teaching as we know it.

14:50 Interview with Anna Searle

The British Council Director English gives an overview about the English language work of the British Council, highlighting this year’s signature event, Language for Resilience as well as the ongoing work of MOOCs on FutureLearn.

14:30 Interview with Bogar Vallejo Durango

Bogar talks about his project in Mexico which involves the use of podcasting and QR codes to develop speaking skills

14:20 Interview with Clare Walsh and Lindsay Warwick

Clare and Lindsay talk about the key stages involved in teachers differentiating learning outcomes and tasks in mixed ability classrooms. They focus on learner autonomy and learning to measure their own progress. Their talk is specifically based on...

14:00 Interview with Donald Clark and Yvonne Rogers

Donald and Yvonne talk about technology and language learning. Donald talks about the importance of embracing Artificial Intelligence and Yvonne talks about how to humanise and contextualise technology through creative design.

12:50 Interview with Willy Cardoso

As a quality manager for remote teachers in a Primary education project in Uruguay and the Philippines, Willy talks about his use of real-time peer observations for teacher development.

12:30 Interview with Malu Sciamarelli

Malu Sciamarelli talks about how we can use art to encourage students to produce language and the importance of the role of creativity in language teaching. She also mentions the new British Council book on combining creativity with the sustainable...

12:20 Interview with Sophia Mavridi

Sophia Mavridi, joint coordinator of the LT SIG joins us to explore the interest in learning technologies as well as discussing the skills that teachers need to develop in order to serve as effective digital role models in today’s society.

12:00 Interview with Jamie Keddie

Jamie  talks about teacher talk and how it can become a positive part of the language learning experience

11:50 Interview with Joe Dale

Jo Dale Independent language consultant and member of LT Sig, Joe Dale talks about his innovative work on using technology to enhance language learning including the popular EL twitter group he set up and manages: #mfltwitterati

11:30 Interview with Huw Jarvis

Huw shares his research and focus on authentic language learning using social media. Following research, Huw looks at examples of PPP and task based lessons and how teachers can help provide relevant language use that helps empower learners.

11:20 Interview with Chris Brandwood

Chris Brandwood, British Council Director of English, EU Europe discusses the demand for English post Brexit and the impact this has on English language teaching within Europe.

11:00 Interview with Dr Hamdan Abuanja

Dr Hamdan Ahmed Hamdan Abuanja talks about his work in curriculum redesign in Sudan

10:50 Interview with Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Following his plenary, Gabriel further discusses how teachers and organisations can approach continuous professional development. As well as answering questions from the online audience, Gabriel explores some of the realistic, practical approaches...

Monday 3 April
Time Title Interview description
16:00 Interview with Jo Gakonga

Jo Gakonga talks about how her approach in teaching teacher mentors and teacher trainers on how best to give effective feedback to teachers. There’s a cline from wrapping your feedback up in so much cotton wool that the receiver doesn't hear your...

15:50 Interview with Pete Sharma

Pete Sharma talks about some exciting new developments in educational technology and the huge potential of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in language teaching.

15:30 Interview with Varinder Unlu

Varinder Unlu, coordinator of the new IATEFL SIG Inclusive Practices and SEN. She shares the how and why of setting this group up and discusses the importance of this relevant groups for teachers and schools.

15:00 Interview with Marek Kiczkowiak

Marek shares his work in raising awareness of native speakerism with employers, teacher training organisations and customers. Marek looks at the need to discuss global English, address the different training needs and prepare trainees and learners...

14:50 Interview with Silvana Richardson and Fiona Dunlop

Fiona Dunlop and Silvana Richardson talk about the use of open space technology as a means of running conference sessions. They also talk about CPD and the development of CPD within the modern school framework.

14:30 Interview with Jim Scrivener

Jim Scrivener, author and teacher trainer, talks about his work with New Oriental in China and his upcoming symposium on Wednesday where he will debate and western and Chinese teaching practice and the reality of classroom experience as well...

14:20 Interview with Gavin Dudeney

Gavin talks about his workshop where he will be looking at changing teacher trainers’ focus on learning technology tools to focus more on approaches and the results you want from your learners. Teacher trainers should leave with a practical tool box...

14:00 Interview with Carol Read

Carol Read, ex president of IATEFL talks about coming back to Glasgow and her plenary session and workshop on values of education and teaching life skills to young learners.

12:20 Interview with Andy Hockley

Andy Hockley talks about the LAM SIG PCE and the debate around ethical recruiting. He also talks about the modern problems of being an ELT school manager and managing and interpreting data.  

11:40 Interview with Margit Szesztay

Incoming IATEFL President Margit Szesztay shares with us her main priorities and plans for the next two years. She discusses how she plans to include a larger number of newly qualified teachers in the organisation’s activities and how she will use...

11:00 Interview with John Burton

John Burton CEO of IATEFL talks about what IATEFL is doing to attract younger teachers and how teachers can give their feedback through the hashtag #myiatefl   He also talks about a new publication on the history of IATEFL

10:00 Iatefl Online presenters

Our online presenters Nick, Kirsteen and Roohi take a look at some of the conference themes this year, such as professional development, language for resilience, creativity, psychology and social issues in ELT.

Kirsteen is looking forward to...

Thursday 16 March
Time Title Interview description
11:30 Welcome to IATEFL Online 2017

IATEFL President, Marjorie Rosenberg, welcomes you to our 11th IATEFL Online and thanks the British Council for their support in enabling teachers around the world to follow IATEFL Online for the 11th year in a row!