Welcome to IATEFL Online 2017

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IATEFL President, Marjorie Rosenberg, welcomes you to our 11th IATEFL Online and thanks the British Council for their support in enabling teachers around the world to follow IATEFL Online for the 11th year in a row!

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Susan Hillyard's picture

Lovely to be able to watch and listen to IATEFL On-line!

Nice to see and hear you introducing the conference, Marjorie!

Best wishes, 

Susan H

Pablo Labandeira's picture

It'll be a pleasure to attend such a remarkable event.

It's great to have the chance to watch the sessions online from every corner of the world...

Thanks IATEFL and British Council!


It'/ nice to watch the Conference on line all over the world. Thanks Iatefl and British Council.

Irena Micetic, Croatia

It'/ nice to watch the Conference on line all over the world. Thanks Iatefl and British Council.

Irena Micetic, Croatia

Hi Irena, we will be starting today with live interviews at 12.00 UK time. Tomorrow we will be streaming the plenary live at 9.00. All the plenaries and over forty recorded sessions will appear on the website throughout each day of the conference. Hope you enjoy IATEFL Online! 

Inna Viller's picture

Thank you Marjorie for an inspiring greeting!

I hope everything will work for the team and participants, including the live video sessions!

Sylwia Zabor-Żakowska's picture

Although I have written an article for SDGs and Creativity  Publication by British Council  I cannot attend the conference.  I feel so sorry about it. BUT, that's a fantastic chance to participate in it online!

Best regards for everyone from Poland :)))


Welcome to the online conference. We hope you enjoy following IATEFL Online this year! We are now live and broadcasting interviews from Glasgow IATEFL this afternoon.

Thanks so much Marjorie, for the warm welcome.  I look forward to viewing the recordings, as I am sadly not able to be in Glasgow in person this year.

Thanks to IATEFL and the British Council for this opportunity to view recordings :-)

Best of luck with everythiing! 


Glad you can join us on IATEFL Online! We are broadcasting live interviews with speakers and delegates this afternoon and you can tune in tomorrow and every morning for the plenaries at 9.00 UK time. Over forty session recordings will be uploaded over the course of the conference. Hope you enjoy the online coverage!

Parthasarathi Misra's picture

Thank you Marjorie for your warm welcome. We are grateful to the IATEFL and the British Council for the live coverage of the greatest ELT event of the world  made available to  thousands of  Englsih teachers like me who are unable to attend the conference in person. I look forward to watching the plenary sessions and the live interviews. Online or offline, IATEFL conferences  have been inspiring me over the years professionally. 

Inna Kryvokhyzha's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to join the conference online 

Hope you enjoy the IATEFL Online coverage!

silvia severino's picture

Thank you IATEFL and the British Council for making this event available to  teachers from all over the world. 

Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina :)


Fabiana Casella's picture

Once again, I am thrilled and immensely thankful for the live coverage of this amazing conference. As I am not the only one who has not been granted the honor to attend, I am really grateful for the opportunity of watching from the distance. So lovely to see and hear you, Marjorie!

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