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Interview with Sophia Mavridi

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Sophia Mavridi, joint coordinator of the LT SIG joins us to explore the interest in learning technologies as well as discussing the skills that teachers need to develop in order to serve as effective digital role models in today’s society.

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Any concrete example on how to use technology in a more pedagogigal way?

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Hi Gabriela,

Thanks for watching. Any approaches and techniques that can enhance and facilitate learning can be pedagogically sound. Any approaches that focus on the tool, rather than the pedagogy behind it, do not necessarily lead to effective learning experiences. I think the question we should be asking is "Will the tool help my students to develop their language skills? If so, how?". No matter how impressive a tool is, it won't add anything new to the teaching experience, if it is used just because it is available or "trendy". Many teachers believe - or they are forced to believe - that any technology is good technology. This is not true. Technology has the potential to be used in an innovative way facilitating collaboration, creation, and sharing but it has an equal potential to be used in a very traditional, teacher-centred way that is, in no way, transforming education. Not sure I answered your question but this short article may be of interest http://sophiamavridi.com/?p=657.

Feel free to write back.



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These slides really capture what I imagine Sophia said in her session https://www.slideshare.net/sophiamavridi/iatefl-2017-glasgow

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Thanks for sharing the slides, Chris :)




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