Interview with Mirian Fuhr

Interview description

Mirian talks about her Hornby Scholarship at Warwick University and the problems Brazilian teachers have with low self confidence.

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Dear Mirian,

I believe you already are a great teacher. Keep up the good job.


I was very interested to learn more from this interview. In general, it turned out informative and useful, like most of the articles in your blog

It is a great interview. I like the way she has explained about her challenges. I believe, whether the achievement is great or not but the participation would always a matter of appreciation. I read about a guy, Mikal Chaz, who was a content marketer with that how he could grow himself from poor to higher middle class of the society. He has mentioned that he could do this only because he has participated in all competitions in his life without thinking any desired result. He has admitted that he could do that because he wanted to defeat his fear. And that’s what Ms. Mirian has done.  Many congratulation to her.   

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