Interview with Jo Gakonga

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Jo Gakonga talks about how her approach in teaching teacher mentors and teacher trainers on how best to give effective feedback to teachers. There’s a cline from wrapping your feedback up in so much cotton wool that the receiver doesn't hear your message to being too direct and the teacher doesn't hear because their effective filters are up. Mentors need to analyze and find effective approaches.

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Stamatis Papademetriou's picture

This is so interesting.. Looking forward to watching Jo's presentation

Chris Fry's picture

I like the idea of recording your feedback to teacher-trainees, but wonder whether video recording would be better than just audio?

I always recorded my termly feedback to individual EFL students and sent them the recording to re-listen to. The feedback was mostly eliciting self-reflection on their work, commitment and progress from the students, followed up by my feedback on their speaking, writing, attendance and extensive reading, I gave them a grade and finishing up with a request for suggestions about how to improve the course.

I also listened to the recordings (5-10 minutes each on average) to be able to take notes collecting data on aspects of the course like the class library. I also used them to make a summary to send to the student. I can't be sure that the students bothered to listen to the recordings, although I sent them via WhatsApp in the main.

For all the other recording done by me in class I used ipadio, but I thought it was better for this feedback to be private. I used an android app calledHI-Q MP3 REC (FREE) 

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