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Our online presenters Nick, Kirsteen and Roohi take a look at some of the conference themes this year, such as professional development, language for resilience, creativity, psychology and social issues in ELT.

Kirsteen is looking forward to exploring the conference theme of continuing professional development, starting with the opening plenary by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, who will be talking about how to empower teachers through continued professional development. He will be looking at frameworks and practices which can help colleagues learn and develop. His plenary will be streamed live at 9.00 Tuesday morning, UK time and the recording will be available on the IATEL Online website later in the day.

Roohi talks about the British Council’s signature event ’Language for Resilience’ which examines the role that languages, such as Arabic, French and English can play in strengthening the resilience of Syrian refugees and host communities. The signature event will be streamed live at 17.25 UK time on Tuesday and the recording will also be available on the IATEFl online website.

Nik talks about his interest in technological themes at the conference, as well as creativity and sustainable development goals. And finally Nik, Kirsteen and Roohi touch on the themes of the other plenary sessions that will be live-streamed and recorded. On Wednesday at 9.00, Sarah Mercer will reflect on the fundamental role played by psychology in the learning and teaching of foreign languages and on Thursday at 9.00, JJ Wilson will be looking at the arguments for including social justice issues in ELT classrooms.

All of these presentations are broadcast live and the recordings will be uploaded to the IATEFL Online website later in the day for on-demand access. 

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