Saturday 16 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
13:20 Hall 1 Plenary by Jan Blake Jan Blake
11:10 Executive Room 1 Catering for trainee diversity on CELTA courses Olga Connolly
11:10 Hall 1 Barefoot with beginners Ceri Jones
10:30 Hall 1 Visual literacy in creating classroom materials John Hughes
10:20 Hall 7 Addressing quality assurance and professional development for online teachers Kirsteen Donaghy
9:00 Hall 1 Plenary by Scott Thornbury Scott Thornbury
Friday 15 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
19:30 Hall 4 Extensive Reading Foundation Reception and Awards Ceremony Lindsay Clandfield
16:50 Hall 5 ELT Conversation Andrew Wickham, Philip Kerr
16:50 Hall 1 Chatting in the academy: exploring spoken English for academic purposes Michael McCarthy
14:10 Hall 7 Forum on mobile learning Valentina Morgana, Mona Hema, Kat Robb
14:10 Hall 1 National Geographic Learning Signature Event - What does it mean to be a ‘Global Citizen’? Hetain Patel, Hugh Dellar, Gillian Davidson, Karen Spiller
12:30 Hall 7 Reviewing qualifications and CPD: helping meet teachers’ training needs Ben Beaumont
12:30 Hall 5 Diane Larsen-Freeman’s plenary follow-up session - Further Investigation of Teaching with Affordances Diane Larsen-Freeman
10:30 Cambridge English Signature Event - Observation and Reflection: tensions between best practice and reality Monica Poulter
10:20 Hall 7 Forum on technology in the classroom Jaya Ram Khanal, Laura Laubacher, Sarah Wakefield, Radhika Gholkar
9:00 Hall 1 Plenary by Diane Larsen-Freeman Diane Larsen-Freeman