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Ten great educators and their legacy

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Alan Maley

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I will survey the work of ten great educators. Roughly half of them were highly influential innovators. Others were isolated, passionate experimenters, whose pioneering work is relatively little known. I shall winnow out the essential principles which animated their work and compare these with current views on education. Will we ever learn the lessons they were trying to teach? 

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I believe passion is key. 

keep your students motivated

help and guide.  Use the guided discovery method. 

I will share the first proverb i read when i first started my training course

I hear and I forget

I read and i remember

I do and i understand. 


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I think I would have a few basic tips educators would benefit from. Initially there is nothing wrong with not knowing the responses to everything and it is constantly better to come clean and say I don't know yet I will find out coursework help as opposed to attempt and bluff things. You will get more respect.