TELC Signature Event - Can a language test measure integration

Session description

Piet Van Avermaet
Horatio Clare
Sibylle Plassmann
Nick Saville

Session details:

Migration has become an increasingly debated topic over the last few years. The language and assessment industry is part of the debate and should have a sound position on its own rather than allowing policy-makers to dominate the discourse. However, important questions still remain open.

For example, how much language really is needed for participation in society? The telc signature event will explore the language needs of migrants as well as the role of mainstream society.  

The following speakers have been invited to contribute different perspectives in the panel discussion:

Piet Van Avermaet, Director of the Centre for Diversity and Learning, Ghent University, Belgium
Horatio Clare, writer, journalist and broadcaster
Sibylle Plassmann, head of test development telc – language tests
Nick Saville, ALTE Manager
Representative of the British Council (TBD)
Representative of the city office for Multicultural Affairs, Frankfurt, Germany (TBD)

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