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Amanda Boldarine
Nicky Francis

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Snapshots from implementing technology in young learners’ language teaching classrooms
Maria Diakou (Cyprus Ministry of Education)

Students are growing up in a digital world. Using technology could have a positive effect on their language development but we must know when and how to use it. We can’t overload them keeping in mind that proper use is essential. In this presentation, which will be mainly practical, I will share technology-enriched moments from Cypriot EFL primary classrooms.

Young learners and technology: ways to integrate culture and parents
Amanda Boldarine (Associacao Cultura Inglesa - Sao Paulo)
Technology is here to stay and it is common to see that young learners are more and more influenced and engaged in it. Therefore, the question for teachers now is how to use it meaningfully to meet learners’ needs, bridge the gap between different cultures and potentially increase parental involvement in the learning process.

Being creative with technology in a young learner classroom
Nicky Francis (British Council, Paris)
What better way to ensure learner participation than by giving them some  plasticine, some yogurt pots, a camera and a microphone to play with in the classroom? I will share my experience of how young learners’ creativity can be tapped into when technology is an integral part of the lesson.

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Thank you for sharing so wonderful ideas, experiencies and links. They are very useful today mmore than ever when our Ss needs in terms of the way they learn are different.We are in a globalized world and we have -as  teachers - keep looking forward and learn more strategies for them to be active, fun and engaged .

From Peru, a big hug to all of you