Forum on technology in the classroom

Session description

Jaya Ram Khanal
Laura Laubacher
Sarah Wakefield
Radhika Gholkar

Session details:

Technology in the EFL classroom: foe or friend in pedagogy?

Jaya Ram Khanal (Medhavi College, Shankhamul, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu)

In this talk, I shall share the types of technology used in EFL classrooms in general and trends of the same in the Nepalese context in particular. This presentation will focus on how the innovation of technologies in ELT classes challenged both teachers and learners in the beginning and how the novel practices changed their teaching learning process.


Bringing English to life: practical classroom activities using technology

Laura Laubacher & Sarah Wakefield (Embassy English)

'Bringing English to Life' is Embassy English's approach to integrating technology into classroom teaching, in order to document students' language production and encourage interaction within the local community. As teachers, we'll share practical activities and technology tools that have worked to develop our students' communication skills, as well as present tips on how to best integrate these into everyday teaching.


Supporting teachers in using technology for ELT within school systems

Radhika Gholkar (British Council India)

Teachers are increasingly expected to use technology to enhance learning. This poses challenges due to low confidence in using technology and confusion around when and how to use it effectively. In this talk, I will give practical ideas for successfully integrating technology in English lessons within school systems, sharing key challenges and solutions drawing on experience from India.

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