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Sha Luo

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Beyond the numbers: building the massive online community
Chris Cavey & Neil McLaren (British Council)
In the last 18 months, British Council MOOCs have attracted more than a million learner registrations. This talk will look at what online learner interaction on this scale has taught us about how learner communities develop and how this knowledge is changing the way we interact with learners - both inside and outside the MOOCosphere.

Peer assessment as reflective learning in language MOOCs
Sha Luo (Shenzhen University, China)
This presentation focuses on the reflective value of peer assessment in a language MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Based on a one-year empirical study carried out in an EFL MOOC, it demonstrates how tertiary-level students at different English proficiency levels can improve their writing ability by acting as peer assessors while reflecting on their own learning towards self-revision and improvements.

Why MOOC? Teacher development through global social interaction
Claire Ross (Freelance, Lebanon)
Over 70,000 teachers joined the British Council Professional Practices in English Language Teaching MOOC last September. But why? What makes a MOOC different from other online courses? As course creator and lead educator, I will outline the opportunities and interactions possible in this unique social learning environment, including feedback from participants themselves.

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